Athanasio: “Sarry, apart from Alonso, is the first choice of Panathinaikos – with this selection criteria – Football – Stoiximan Super League

The Soccer benchmarks His decision was Panathinaikou Gotta give it to Deko Alonso The anointing Nikos Athanasiou analyzes his technical leadership in his “air”. bwinSPORT FM 94.6.

«In addition to reluctance to train in Greece, Sari also had personal problems with his parents. Apart from the Italian, Alonso was Panathinaikos’ first choice. They advanced discussions with him, and they remained open for at least three weeks, while Papadimitrio set certain criteria and achieved his wish. They wanted someone at Panathinaikos who could play attacking football, match the team’s size and goals, win championships, and at the same time exploit soulful potential. Alonso’s name is not fancy, it does not attract people, but it was chosen with the right criteria. Except for the Uruguayan national team, most of his teams played this football“, he commented characteristically.

At the same time, the reporter of the station reported that, now, “Clover”. Dragovski executes contract with Spezia and advances her Renewal of contract with GodsirasBoth have Alonso’s approval.

Athanasio pointed out that the Panathinaikos Giannoulis has soared so high And, unless something arose from abroad, he would have the first word, but he could not wait long.

At the same time, regarding other direct movements of the “greens”, he stood A serious acquisition Other transfers need to be done on time.

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