Fire in Irapetra: Fight between firefighters and residents with strong winds – 74-year-old hospitalized with inhalation

good fire A nearby mountain erupted early in the morning Irapethra of Crete. A A 74-year-old man was admitted, he lost consciousness trying to protect his field. Earlier, messages were sent «112» In order to evacuate residents from 4 areas, a large force of fire brigade, volunteers and residents of the island were thrown into the battle to put out the fire.

He described that the situation has improved mainly in the western part IrapethraA spokesman for the fire department said Vasilis VatragogiannisFurther east is its intensity of fire Described as reduced but scattered west of Koutsora settlement. Winds reached 7-8 Beaufort and gusts of up to 74 kilometers per hour, Mr Vatrakogiannis said. 4 helicopters They try and face it Turbulence But they never stopped trying.

A fire department spokesman said Three other explosions in the wider area were dealt with immediately. With no rain for a long period and high temperatures for the season, the situation is described as difficult, while winds are expected to strengthen from Monday.

From early morning, all forces in the Crete region were put on general alert.

The fire is moving through very rugged, hilly, pine-covered, foothill, scrub and rocky terrain, he said. Mayor of Irapetra, Manolis franculis.

Our great concern at this time was that the fire had not reached the famous Koutsaurus forests “The assistance of the helicopters was appropriate and quick, especially because of the difficult road in the area that is inaccessible to fire department vehicles,” the mayor said.

EWe have hundreds of them volunteers While fire zones are being created, efforts are being made to contain the fire.said the mayor.

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“Fortunately we don't have a completely destroyed house or greenhouse right now,” he added.

A 74 years old A resident of Mavros Kolympos returned to protect his property and was knocked unconscious by firefighters. He suffered burns and had severe suffocation. He was first transferred to the Irapetra Hospital and from there to the Venicilio Hospital injected. A firefighter and another civilian sustained minor injuries.

A fire broke out early in the morning Settlement Mavros Kolymbos Lasithiou 8 Beaufort winds were blowing at the time. It gained dimensions and citizens gained SMS via 112To evacuate Mavros Kolymbos, Achlia, Agia Fotia and Galini and move towards Koutsouras.

The fire department is seriously considering this Arson by negligence. For this reason, on the orders of the head of the fire department, a team of the directorate to combat arson crimes went to the island.

On point they act as a whole 130 firemen with 27 vehiclesSix groups of infantry units, several volunteers and soldiers, machinery and water transport OTAs, as well as 3 helicopters.

Source: ERTnews

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