Panathinaikos’ advantage is Sarri’s reluctance and the time frame for a response

Maurizio Sarri has a serious reason to be reluctant to take over Panathinaikos after accepting Yannis Alafousou’s proposal. When do they expect a response from the Italian coach in Tripoli?

The news that Maurizio Sarri has several job offers should come as no surprise Surprise. On the contrary, it would be strange if a professional fame And not many Italian CVs opportunities And to choose someone who judges advantageous for his life.

is certain Panathinayakas He will face stiff competition in trying to attract him saree. Both from advanced European leagues Leicester Bologna from the Premier League and Serie A, as well Countries Money is lavished on soccer like Turkey and MLS.

According to a new Italian publication, Leicester have approached Maurizio Sarri, but the Italian coach asked for time before giving his final decision to the “foxes”.

It is true Yannis Alafouzos With his proposal, he caught the attention of Maurizio Sarri and the Italian agreed to meet talk, creates success. Because a wing is more than just a thing EconomyBut he will be provided with the overall plan professional Meeting.

Shari explained thinking For a collaboration, he had given in an interview ten days ago Sportalia: «I want to make a way with a new team that will give me a chance to stay for a while. I would like to accept the offer of a team that has clear ideas about their future and ambitions, without rushing.”

Exactly her feeling Alafouzos tried to discourage Sari, and to some extent he succeeded. Otherwise the Italian would have already refused Humbly Greek ship owner’s proposal. Obviously, the recommended Sarri’s salary is unreal by Greek standards (4 million euros per year), as well as huge Budget For transfers First class Football players.

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Shari’s main hesitation is related condition Greek football. Sari is not someone Once He worked in great teams, but his greatness has passed irreversible. The 65-year-old head coach until March 13, 2024 with Lazio and BeforeCoached Napoli, Juventus and Chelsea.

Nino sings on Oka - Hugging with Dimitris Gianakopoulos (vid)

Nino’s impressive performance with “Tiddle the End” at the Panathinaikos Aktor Festa “stole” the show in Oka.

Undoubtedly, the interval From Serie A to the Stoiximan Super League, it’s huge. Alafuso’s dominant proposition is not This is enough To cover it completely and create an inner one with wings CompromiseTo answer “yes” to the owner of Panathinaikos.

On the other hand, great Advantage Glover’s point is that there will be freedom to create the sari Animation Dynamic and a racing style, he has in mind. A Fluency It’s doubtful he’ll keep it at another European club.

She asked if the saree was small Deadline By Alafusos, before responding to his proposal. He got it, just not in strict form Final warning It expires on a certain day and time, but with Commitment The Italian will send his reply on Sunday or Monday at the latest. Because Panathinayak is also under pressure method Management should be in negative situations turning For alternatives.

Alafosos didn’t want to distributes Predictions about the chances of success in his endeavor, once he realizes the difficulty. However, he believes he has done what is humanly possible to bring one to Greece Big ones Coach names in European football.

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