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For another month, PPC is tipping the scales for a steep hike in electricity tariffs based on the overall market trend.

For July, PPC announced competitive fares on green fare C1, initially continuing with a 31% discount.

Electricity tariffs: Cheaper ‘blue’ after up to 65% hike in ‘green’

Electricity charges

As announced by the company, its green fee for consumption up to 500 kWh will be EUR 0.13557 per kWh.

The corresponding increase in the tariff in June was of the order of 14%, while the wholesale price, formed in the Greek energy market last month, closed 22% higher.

Basically, the PPC absorbed part of the load, resulting in electricity prices being kept at last January’s prices.

The company announced the same tariff for consumption above 500 kWh in July at 0.14385 euros.

The night rate for July is 0.11418 euros per kilowatt hour.

PPC’s move to not provide the full increase in wholesale prices is significant because, being the largest player in the electricity market’s supply, it could affect competition.

Green invoice

In the next few hours, the rest of the electricity suppliers will continue with tariff announcements for green electricity tariffs.

The information wants private electricity providers to continue with increases of around 15% and to set prices at around 0.15 euros per kilowatt hour.

It’s worth noting how the wholesale electricity market was shaped last month by the cost of gas-fired power plants. These units are more expensive than renewable energy sources.

In any case, end consumers should be particularly careful in their choices and remember that they may change supplier and payment type every month. Apart from the blue power tariff, there are fixed time limits, which are subject to monetary penalties if breached.

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