Dimitris Giannakopoulos was banned for three months and fined


Dimitris Gianakopoulos

Dimitris Gianakopoulos was banned from entering the stadiums for three months and fined by ESAKE’s referee of the match.

A new punishment for Dimitris Giannakopoulos by ESAKE’s sports judge, banning him from entering the stadiums for three months and a fine of 30,000 euros for the managing director of KAE Panathinaikos AKTOR.

As noted in a related announcement, the sports judge punished Dimitris Gianakopoulos for his actions and statements defaming the sport through his posts on Instagram. At the same time, Panathinaikos AKTOR was fined 50,000 euros.

We remind you that Dimitris Gianakopoulos was sentenced to an eight-month entry ban on June 19 and three months on June 12.

ESAKE Game Referee’s Announcement:

“1. It is ordained Dimitri Gianakopoulos, Owner of Panathinaikos Athleticos Omilos Kalathosfaikis Anonymous (DDK Panathinaikos) A fine of three (3) months temporary ban from entering all stadiums and a fine of thirty thousand (30,000.00) Euros, for his actions and statements defaming the game, the actions that took place on 21-6-2024, through his posts on Instagram social media, and

2. It is prescribed Panathinaikos Athletics Team Basketball Joint Stock (dt KAE PANATHINAIKOS) A monetary fine of fifty thousand (50,000.00) Euros, for the actions and statements of its owner, which constitute defamation of the game, and as aforesaid”.

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