Stavroula Chrysaeidi is the first candidate and the second candidate is coming out today

Anastasia Tserou’s injury and the announcement of George Lianos meant Survivor couldn’t continue to upset either team.

The Blues lost the first immunity match, leading to the first nomination for a fight to stay on Survivor, with Stavrula Grisadi asking her teammates to vote her out.

The announcement of the first candidate’s name by Giorgos Lianos surprised even the host.

“Stavrula, I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t surprised by this result. One of the strongest players in the blue team comes forward. How did this happen?” Giorgos Lianos said.

The response he got from the player: “It happened because I asked the kids to vote for me. Because I didn’t play at all last week, I didn’t help the team this week, and I can’t imagine another kid taking my place right now.

Then he did not hide, “My psychology is not very good, especially my leg, so I’ve been a bit wobbly in a lot of things lately. So, that’s why I asked the guys. Although I’m in a lot of pain, I’ve decided to start the competition again from tomorrow.

The Reds, in addition to immunity, won the Easter table, with Katerina Dalaka pulling out the dance and Asimina Hotsiandrou was absent as she was in clinic.

The Reds player has been targeted by the Blues in the council, with his opponents accusing him of playing whenever he wants, citing health issues…

Tonight (06.05.2024, 21:00) the two teams will clash in the second immunity match.

Who will win and who will be the second nominee?

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Survivor: Sunday to Thursday at 21:00 on SKAI.

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