King Charles has just seen his official coronation document! A typo was found in the original

King Charles and Queen Camilla have watched the official recording of their coronation, which will be digitized as the first anniversary of the historic ceremony approaches.

Coronation scrolls have been compiled since the first document was created for the coronation of Edward II and Queen Isabella in 1308 AD. At Buckingham Palace on May 1, the 75-year-old and 76-year-old Queen received the Coronation Papers, the official record of the coronation on May 6, 2023.

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King Charles saw the original document for his coronation

An employee of the Crown in Chancery, Antonia Romeo, now delivered the historic speech to the royal couple. Along with the original document, the King and Queen will see the digital version, which will be available.

Before his departure, King Charles will meet with historians from the National Archives and view historic coronation portraits including those of King Edward II, King William III and Queen Mary II, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II.

A typographical error was detected on a 22 meter paper

The more than 21.4 meter long elaborately stitched scroll made for the king’s coronation has only one flaw, it has been revealed.

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The hand-stitched 30-page scroll is the official record of Charles’ coronation, the Independent reported.

Calligrapher Stephanie van Werthern-Gil said she worked non-stop for 56 days to write the scroll after the coronation on May 6, nearly a year ago.

It contains some 11,600 words, finely engraved, describing the ceremony, from the procession to Westminster Abbey to the King’s anointing and coronation, as well as a list of all those who took part and a list of official guests.

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Scrolls were created for each coronation over the centuries, but this was the first to be printed on paper rather than animal skin paper, reflecting the king’s views on animal welfare.

“Is the spelling correct?”

But when the king saw the paper, he asked, “Is the spelling correct?”

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In fact, according to the BBC, the letter I found by Ms van Werthern-Gil did not have a dot.

Looking at a portion of the scroll spread out on a table in the drawing room at Buckingham Palace in 1844, Camilla said: “My God, I’m not going to read it without a glass,” and how earlier scrolls were written in Latin and French, Charles replied: “At least it’s in English.”

Charles’ first appearance since his diagnosis

Earlier this week, the royal made her first public appearance since being diagnosed with cancer in February. He and his wife visited the Macmillan Cancer Center at University College London Hospital, where he interacted with patients undergoing treatment.

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“I think he was very excited to leave,” the Queen said at a palace reception the next day, according to the Daily Mail.

“I tried to control him,” she added, adding that King’s work ethic was “absolutely undiminished” despite his treatment.

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