Fire: Evacuation on Chios – Progress on Distomo and Zakynthos

The fire front is hard on Chios, where a fire alarm was sounded in the Sidirunda area on Monday morning.

80 firefighters are on the scene with 14 vehicles, 5 planes and 2 helicopters have been mobilized from the air. Municipal water carriers and private water carriers and military project engines also offer subscription.

The nearest settlement far from the emitting front is Metohi, for which A “112” for preventive evacuation of residentsAs there was only one escape route, it was desired to issue an order in that regard.

The George Jose, Chief of Civil Defense of Chios MunicipalityHe said the situation was critical as the fire spread rapidly south and threatened homes and property.

This was broadcasted by Mr. According to their reports, Jose Politics, the fire is spreading at various places, some of which are located near residential areas. Residents have been notified by emergency number 112 to go to Metohii Beach, where they will be provided with transport for safe evacuation. However, many residents do not have private vehicles at their disposal and the situation is still difficult.

In his area yesterday afternoon in the forest fire accident Distomo of Boeotia, 62 firefighters are working with two groups of infantry units from the 4th EMODE and 20 vehicles, while two helicopters are assigned for aerial firefighting. Assistance in the extinguishing plan is provided by water tankers and OTA project engines, the settlements are not in danger and the fire front shows a better picture.

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In the area where the vines are low, the fire that broke out yesterday evening, in the area Agia Marina, in Zakynthos 66 firemen including 14 firemen along with one group of infantry units of 6th E.MO.DE.E and three groups of infantry units and 21 vehicles. and four vehicles, traveled by boat from Kilini, while 5 aircraft and a helicopter have been assigned to aerial firefighting. Assistance in extinguishing work is provided by project engines and OTA water carriers, while settlements are not at risk and the fire front shows a better picture.

It is ongoing A fire in Kos. Specifically, today Monday (07/01), around 11:00 a.m., a fire broke out in a grassy area in the Portes Antimachia area and does not threaten any residential area. 20 firefighters, 9 vehicles and a helicopter, 2 loaders and 2 municipal water tankers are on the scene. Strong NW winds in the area make extinguishing difficult.

sounded before Message 112 To evacuate the settlement of Kardamena and remove the inhabitants to Antimasia.

“If you are in the Kardamena area of ​​Kos, move towards Antimasia. Follow the instructions of the authorities,” he said.

Her great career is underway Heraklion Fire Service for extinguishing the fire in his area Municipality of Cortina, near Agioi Deka in Heraklion. 40 firefighters with 13 vehicles are already at the scene and the force is increasing, while air routes are also being prepared.

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According to Yiannis Leontarakis, Mandatory Regional Adviser for Civil Defense Matters of the Crete Region in Heraklion, the technical means of the Crete Region are ready to contribute to the extinguishing operation. Mr. As Leontarakis noted, due to both the topography and wind of the area, the task of extinguishing the fire is not easy, APE-MPE points out.

There was a fire today Larisa The fire department was notified just before 1:00 p.m. A fire broke out on the Amphilonas – Giannoulis road at the height of Tasochori due to an unknown cause. According to the fire department, 5 firemen along with 2 vehicles are working at the scene.

Stamata and Placa in Keratias In both cases some houses and sheep farms were burnt, registration is done by the local government, aerial drenching continues in both areas, as well as infantry units suppressing any small explosions.

An investigation by the Directorate for Combating Arson Crimes is ongoing into the cause of the fire. The fire department insists no charges or arrests have yet been made in connection with the incidents.

According to Latest update of Attica traffic Due to yesterday’s fire accident Stop it will be The following traffic diversions are in effect in Dionysos Municipality:

— Macedonia and Alexander the Great

– Stamatas Square

-Alexander the Great and Papaflesa

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Elsewhere, traffic is moving as usual.

At the same time due to yesterday’s fire accident The only viable transport alternatives in Keratea are:

– Plaka and Kiriaki Avenue

-Plaka Avenue and Old Lavrio Avenue

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