After the bachelor and first dates he is looking for love again

22-year-old Irini is looking for the love of her life in a reality show. After “Bachelor” and “First Dates”, the young woman also participates in the film “Power of Love”, which premiered on SKAI on Sunday night (30.06.2024).

Conducted by her Katerina KaravatouThe “The power of love» is updated to his frequency the sky Even from her Constantinople.

Twelve young players declare their willingness to meet each other, intent on finding the love of their lives.

The first acquaintance of the television audience with boys and girls of this game took place on Saturday night (29.06.2024) through the program “My man can” by Fanny Lambropoulos.

There are interested parties”Lovers» A few hours before the official premiere of the reality show, they faced each other in separate tests.

One of six women of the year”The power of love“There is 22-year-old Irini KatchigianiOriginally from Athens.

The stunning brunette student, who has already participated in two romance-themed reality shows, was recently introduced to television audiences.

His first appearance will be in the second rotation in 2021 “Bachelor“, while claiming a place in his heart Alexis Papa.

Missing this opportunity, the young microbiology student made her second attempt at “First dates“, a few months ago.

However, his continued appointment in this case also 26-year-old Tasso It did not excite her to take the two of them further in their acquaintance.

“I’m Irini Katsikiani, I’m 22 years old, I grew up and live in Athens. I study as a microbiologist’s assistant, I work as a salesperson in a clothing store. What alienates me in a man is stinginess, disrespecting me, talking badly. I’m very shy, I don’t make the first move. I I signed The power of loveBecause this time I feel ready to fall in love”, said the young contestant during an appearance on the reality show the sky.

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