Olympiakos 2-2: Potense keeps ‘red and whites’ European upright with goal and assist

Despite Panathinaikos leading 2-0 until the 73rd minute, they drew 2-2 with Olympiakos when Pontens put the “red and whites” upright with a goal and an assist for Jovetic. The visitors finished third and Shamrocks will need to lift the trophy to play in Europe next year.

The Avenue Derby between Panathinaikos and Olympiakos ended in a 2-2 draw, with the “Red and Whites” winning. Not just because they got the point of the tie, but because the visitors found themselves. Down 2-0 until 73′, but eventually they managed to turn the match around.

Olympiakos’ big star was Daniel Pontens, who scored a goal with a high-hanging shot from outside the area and beat Loding with the Portuguese, winning applause from some green friends.

Pontens also assisted Jovetic’s second Olympiacos goal, the left-footed Portuguese curling a cross at the far post and beating experienced forward Loading to make it 2-2.

The Portuguese became a negative protagonist as he was sent off in the final over of the game, and then there was tension as he did not leave the field.

The result of the game and the 2-2 draw saw Olympiakos third in the Stoiximen Super League and now Panathinaikos must win the trophy against Aries in the final on Saturday (25/5) to go to Europe.

Earlier, the Greens had the better of the first 65 minutes of the match, with Panathinaikos taking the lead with two goals from Baghetta and one from Bernard.

Apart from the two goals, they missed chances to take a big lead with Keremekaev and Bagashetta crossing the bar.

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Glover “paid” for problems with Huancar and Bernard, who were replaced as a result and Panathinaikos’ line-up was shuffled with Villana playing on the left.

Panathinaikos dominated until the 65th minute

Statistics and highlights of the match Panathinaikos – Olympiacos

Panathinaikos entered the game well and Greens played simply, pressing high and making it difficult for Olympiakos. Good morning on the other hand, the red and white appeared in the game, at least for the first hour of the match.

Trefoil threatened in the 4th minute, Huancar made a vertical pass to Jeremekev who neatly took the ball in front of him, Tsolakis blocked the ball. In the 11th minute, Pagasetas found himself in a shooting position outside the area, and he blocked the Olympiakos goalkeeper again.

Ten minutes later, Panathinaikos won a corner, which was executed with a pass, Bagacetta laid it off to Mancini, who took a shot that went just wide of Tsoulakis’ right post.

Jeremeke’s four lost four

In the 26th minute, Panathinaikos went close to 1-0 when Bagaseta cut the ball past Kerimiev, who went four fours with Tsoulakis, but the Swede’s placement was poor and the ball went just wide from the right. Greek goalkeeper.

The Greens threatened again in the 39th minute when Mancini struck a powerful shot from outside the area and Tsoulakis fisted it for a corner.

In the first minute of stoppage time, Panathinaikos was the final receiver to make a shot that was well out of Bagacheta’s attack, the ball barely finding the feet of Redsos, changing direction and ending up at Tsolakis’ post.

Next up, with Olympiakos playing their first final at home to Panathinaikos, Pontens took a shot and a corner was pushed away by Loading.

Pagasedas opened the scoring

In the latter stages of the first half, Panathinaikos got the better of it again, Jermekaev crossed to Pacacheta, who opened up Mancini down the left, who burst into the area and was brought down by Richards.

Pagasedos converted the penalty and hit the target, beating Solakis to give Panathinaikos a goal at the end of the first 45 minutes.

Olympiakos began to press

At the start of the second half, Ibora replaced Carvalho and Medilibar made a change. Olympiakos began to press.

Olympiakos called for a penalty in the 55th minute when Horta stole the ball and after a foul by Arau, Perez got behind him and kicked the Spanish midfielder to the ground in an attempt to exchange fire with the Portuguese, but the referee waved play on.

Bernard gave Panathinaikos the lead with two goals

In the 59th minute, Panathinaikos came out on top in attack down the left, with Huancar simultaneously beating Bernard and the Brazilian with a strong drift shot past Tsoulakis to make it 2-0 to Trefoil.

Three minutes later, Mediliber Jovetic and Martins changed Olympiakos’ image with this double switch. On the other hand, Christos Contis made two changes in the 65th minute with Palacios and Vilaina replacing Mancini and Serin, but they did not help Trefoil.

Pontens by crossbar, goal, assist and dismissal

In the 67′, Bodens made a good effort and shot outside the area, but the ball stopped at Loading’s right post and the score was 2-0. However, six minutes later, the Portuguese scored a stunning goal that had a section of Panathinaikos’ fans cheering and adoring him.

Bodens made it 2-1 with a great effort and a high shot to hook Lodingen…reminding Giovanni.

Four minutes later Contis saw Huancar and Bernard ask for a change, and Verbig, Zega and Sporer entered the match in place of Jeremeke.

Olympiakos, however, found an equalizer in the 81st minute when Potens took a fine effort and from the right to the second post, Jovedic leaped above everyone else to beat Loding to make it 2-2.

Just before the end of the match, Potens received a second yellow card and was sent off, both teams had concussions and yellow cards, while 11 minutes into stoppage time, Panathinaikos, playing with the top man, failed to score their third goal, relegating themselves to third place in Europe. went

Match x goals Panathinaikos – Olympiacos

Panathinayak: Lodingin, Kotsiras, Jedvai, Arao, Huancar (77′ Zeka), Perez, Cerin (65′ Vilena), Bernard (77′ Verbic), Bakasetas, Mancini (65′ Palacios), Geremegev (76′ Sporar).

Olympics: Solakis, Rodini, Redsos, Carmo, Richards (76′ Kinney), Eze, Horta (62′ Jovedic), Carvalho (46′ Ibora), Pontens, Fortonis (62′ Martins), El Gabi (90+9′ Masouras)..

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