A new application-“Wake-up call” comes from AADE for collection of tax debts

When there is less than 6% of the amount of loans to the tax office in some kind of arrangement, it is obvious that suitable alternatives must be found.

The Ministry of Finance and AADE do not really see the “mountain” of 107 billion euros, because everyone knows that in this sea of ​​debts there are debts from bankrupt companies, from bankrupt natural and legal persons, from taxpayers. “Gone”.

However, it is a question whether 20 billion euros can be collected, even from a theoretically “real” 80 billion euro debt, because the rest are hard cases, old debts are additional fees.

The pressure design provides several shortcuts to identify assets (movable and immovable), especially for “owned” but non-paying debtors and subsequent enforcement actions. A case in point is the 500,000 seizures last year.

Motivation and… alarm clocks

However, AADE’s plan is not just a whip. A common finding among financial staff is that if a borrower is 24 hours late, the framework of the terms – as agreed with European technologists at another time – is harsh, even absurd, in the name of payment culture. On discharge of the present obligation, it automatically loses its structure.

In the wake of billions of euros in lost provisions for debt, the first amendment was enacted with the enactment of a new tax code of practice. With the new system, borrowers can maintain their credit arrangements by:

• They have submitted their Income Tax or VAT return within 3 months from the deadline for submission. If the deadline is 31 December 2023, they can submit 5 months later, i.e. by 31 May 2024.

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• They have repaid or settled their new loans within 3 months of their due date. This 3-month “window” for settling new loans is seen by both the Ministry of Finance and AADE as a strong incentive to keep many arrangements “alive”. , mainly “small” borrowers.

This indicates that 90.8% of borrowers have accumulated debts of up to 10,000 euros.

And somewhere around here… the “tax alarm clock” is “clicking” and will be activated within the next month.

This is basically a mechanism where AADE reminds the taxpayer of its obligations, some 24 hours before the payment deadline, for example, a settlement installment. These messages will not only be sent via email and to a personal account on Taxis, but will also “hit” the new application myAADEapp, which has been activated since March.

The new app offers comprehensive features, including:

• Access your tax statement in real-time for information on current tax credits and refunds.

• Instant secure loan payments, directly from the application, through IRIS or card.

• Management of contact details and IBAN reporting for tax refunds.

• Tracking and management of requests and appointments.

• “My Messages” access to receive and manage personalized messages from AADE.

• Exclusive real-time alerts for citizens, professionals and tax professionals, as well as personalized tax notifications.

• myWallet provides easy access to add and store essential documents like registration details, tax awareness, transport charges and certificates.

• Direct access to AADE’s appodixi application for easy scanning and verification of receipts.

• Locate AADE services on a map with geolocation capability and display contact information.

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• Tap facility at AADE Taxpayer Service Center.

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