Arrest warrants for Netanyahu and Hamas leader

Arrest warrant for Hamas leader Yahya Sinuar (Yahya Shinwar) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Benjamin Netanyahu), calling for charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity against the October 7 attacks on Israel and the further bloodshed in Gaza. International Criminal Court.

This information was announced by the chief advocate of the court Karim Khan In an interview with Christian Amanbour on CNN.

Khan said the International Criminal Court is also seeking warrants against Israel’s defense minister Yoav GallantAs well as two other top Hamas leaders – Hon Mohammad Diab Ibrahim al-MasriThe leader of Al Qasim Brigade and known as Mohammed Daif, and the Ismail HaniyehPolitical leader of Hamas.

The warrants against Israeli politicians are the first to target a top leader of a close US ally, with Netanyahu on par with Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose court has issued an arrest warrant over Moscow’s war in Ukraine.

Charges have also been leveled against Khan Chinwar, Honey And Al-Masri Includes “destruction, murder, hostage taking, rape and sexual assault during detention”.

Khan told Amanpour that the charges against Netanyahu and Gallant include “a method of warfare, including inciting destruction, inciting starvation, denying humanitarian aid and deliberately targeting civilians in conflict.”

When news broke last month that the ICC’s chief prosecutor was considering issuing arrest warrants, the Israeli prime minister said any arrest warrants by the ICC would be against senior Israeli government and military officials.would be an affront of historical proportion” and that Israel “has an independent legal system that rigorously investigates all violations of the law.“.

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