Survivor Spoiler Depart 4/19: Alexis Pappas and Savvas Gentzoglou take the money – detailed list


Alexis and Savage are leaving Survivor after 15 weeks! Get this money, remember the list

Survivor Spoiler Departs 4/19: Its 15th Week Survivor 2024 Done and Pappas-Gentsoglou is a thing of the past.

The George Lyons Kicked off her reality show exit competition SKAI, but the departures were known for several days. Both voluntarily.

Pappas And Gensoglo They were heavily influenced by James' father's adventure, corrected and eventually left the reality show.

The reasons are essentially personal. They don't have much to do with James.

Statistically, we're talking about two players above 50%, with honest stats but… none of them will reach the Final 4.

The former Mr Bachelor, or footballer as he is better known, suffered an injury which kept him out of the dugout for 6 weeks. No one could attack Giulekas or Fanis and with Dalakas, Stavroulas and Asimos in front, Kalatsi didn't stand a chance.

However, they can easily stay for 2-3 weeks.

from Locked Spoiler Now you know how the teams will line up. Because Survivor changes again. In other words, each team will have seven players.

From there, calculate the financial data Survivor. Their salary is 9,000 euros per week. At least, allow us, so that others can live prosperously in their homes, businesses, and in general.

15 weeks they managed to stay, so they each have a total of 135,000 euros in their bank account.

to James mentions the money he receives, for example. Time to go through the entire list.

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Survivor Spoiler Departure 4/19: Financial List

  • Alexis Pappas 135,000
  • Savvas Gentsoglou 135.00th
  • Maria Antona 45,000
  • 35,000 by Olga Blyagi
  • Nicos Canos 35,000
  • Ira Antomidite 13,000
  • Ioanna Tzavela 13,000
  • Christy Kataria 12,000
  • Christos Volikakis 12,000
  • Marilina Wacondio 10,000
  • 6,000 by Joe Asoumanaki
  • Rob James 5,000
  • Eugenia Borla 5,000
  • Pavlos Papadopoulos 4,000
  • Nikos Rikounakis 4,000
  • Elena Amanadito 3,000
  • Sothiris Lamai 2,000
  • Andreana Gaya 1,000

When will Savva and Alexis go?

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