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New faces in the “law” of the investigations into the murder of Babis Koutsikos Medium lengthAfter removing phone privacy.

The cord is being “tightened” around people who hid their contacts with him from the authorities. Accused butcher for that Babis Koutsikos, 31, murdered in MessolonghiWritten by Real news.

Although 4.5 months have passed since the disappearance and the body of the dead engineer was found, there are still many “cloudy” points in the case, which, if clarified, will lead to other people who contributed to the 51-year-old butcher. Remanded for murder.

A few days ago, the results of the interception of telephone communications processed by ELAS special laboratories were sent to the investigator who took over the case.

“Now, there is a large amount of new evidence. It is true that not only one person is being investigated, but many are being investigated. They should be called to testify as they continue to contradict each other,” insisted Kostas Timopoulos, the lawyer of Babis Koutsikou’s family, speaking to the newspaper.

The Faces, in their conversations, they also mentioned Bobby’s notebook in which he recorded his financial transactions. “Top” on the inquisitor’s list is one of the witnesses of the so-called group of hunters.

These are the residents of the area, with whom the victim and the butcher used to go hunting. This person spoke to defendant about the murder on the night of the crime and the next morning. But when called upon DepositHe had denied having anything to do with him.

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entrants “law” of Investigations, who were known to the authorities and had already given statements, especially during the period when young Babis’ body had not yet been found. Additionally, they are active in Mesolonghi’s nightlife.

New persons will be called to testify

A young tahsildar, recently arrested for drug offences, two local traders and people involved in ancient theft cases will also be called to testify. To them will be added the relatives of the butcher, who They had borrowed By Bobby puppy.

At the same time, his lawyer A 51-year-old butcherIakovos Baltas stressed that “we are waiting for the additional apology of my client, who has repeatedly said, “My hands are clean, I have done nothing” and does not accept the commission of the crime.”

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