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Today is Sunday May 19, According to the calendarSaint Patrick the Heromartyr, Saints Theognostos and Theoktistos the Holy Martyrs and Saint Menandros.

Today they celebrate:

  • Patrikios, Patrick, Patrikos, Patrikis, Patricios, Patrisis
  • Patrigia, Patrika, Patrizia, Patritsa
  • Theognostos, theognostic, theognostic
  • Knowledge of God
  • Theoktistos
  • Menandros
  • Bearer of myrrh

His great theological knowledge, but also his fervent faith, made him a patrician bishop of Prussia. This position for Patrigios was a spiritual fortress to protect the Gospel and a fortress to suppress pagan error. He did not want to be alone in his apostolic work. He had three collaborators, Akagios, Menandros and Polyenos. Along with them, Patrick brought many pagans to the Christian faith.

However, this was reported to the ruler Julian the Hypaticus, who was promptly arrested. The Lord tried to convince Patrick with philosophical arguments that Christ was not God. Patricius, with his rhetorical skill and great theological training, demolished Julian’s arguments one after another. He, seeing his ideological attraction from the Christian teacher, ordered Patrikios with three of his accomplices and beheaded.

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