Bruges – PAOK 1-0: His… rest in the “toomba oven”!

PAOK is not good, it is not dangerous, but it is alive! Top Bruges won 1-0, but Kodarski's intervention on Thiago's penalty put the “double-header” … the trick to qualify for the “4” of the conference, next Thursday in the hot Toomba. Price, Work: Stavros Soundolitis

Oh in a crowded Toomba in a week PAOK There is only one goal: to overcome a 1-0 deficit and qualify for the semi-finals of the Europa Conference League.

With Virginia and Samata at the Battle of Bruges

There were two question marks before the match, which were about the position of right back and forward, questions he answered in front. Andre Virigna And his Ali Samada In PAOK's starting eleven.

Razvan Lucescu chose another European night to rely on the experience and activities of the 38-year-old captain, the only footballer who played fourteen years ago during the “John Breitl” competition for the Europa League groups.

The Romanian coach handed a starting shirt to the Tanzanian striker, who seems to be playing well on the field in the past matches, while he returns to original form. Magomed OstovScored the tying goal in the recent New Philadelphia derby.

The presence of the Brazilian DysonLucescu's substitutions increased to four, compared to the eleven against AEK a few days ago, who also struggled with a virus.

Nicky Hayen on the other hand looked at the team leader. Hans WankenThe original Club Brook build should be available and ready Simon Mignolet And Andreas Skov OlsenSurprised it wasn't used Muse.

The PAOK defense was sleeping

With the evening salutation, Bruges took the lead. The “black and white” defense was at an unbalanced stage, and help did not come from him Maid In print, as a result Wettlesen Kotarski needed all the time to hang and make it 1-0 in the 6th minute.

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The Belgians threatened in similar fashion from the same spot four minutes later. With De Kuyber on the left, they caused a lot of problems and took a 2-0 lead Diego There is no time to send the ball into the unguarded net before the empty net.

The PAOK Tried to get the ball under his control, but the Belgian seemed educated enough to know how to spoil any attacking attempts by his players. Lucescu.

A shot at him Maid Outside the area in the 39th minute, the first final of “Dikephalos” in the first half against Bruges, the Belgians found a way to threaten again, but luckily for PAOK. Diego He misses the shot, and the phase passes with no consequences for the Greek team.

The first 45 minutes were normal for him PAOKHe saw her score only in the 6th minute Bruges Threatening him on the other two occasions and his players in the same top-down fashion Lucescu Should be at the end of the semi finals with Mead and Tyson.

PAOK had its moments in the second half

“Black and White” Kodarski said “No” and kept the score at 1-0 YudklaBrook came closest to scoring with a spot-kick in the 56th minute and Lucescu brought on the second goal. Despotovinstead Constantiafetching him Dyson Živkovic passes in the axis and on the left edge of the attack.

In the 66th minute, “Two-Head” came out with high speed “Two by Three” and threatened. DysonBut oh Zivkovic The second time he had a poor choice of final pass, although he could have executed from where he was rather than 'breaking' the ball. In the 72nd minute, the Serbian tried to find him from a set piece Ostov Who failed to make a header in front of an empty net.

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Godarsky corrected his mistake

Speedster's entry Muse He disrupted PAOK's defense and offense KodarskyWho knocked him down? OnyenticaBruck made it 2-0, but the Croatian goalkeeper (on his advice Despotov…) saved the execution of the sentence Diego Keeping the score at 1-0.

MVP: With two crucial saves, one on Jadkla's close-range shot and the other on Thiago's penalty, Kodarski lifted PAOK in “Jan Breidl”.

At their height: Great game from Vanaken and De Kuyper for Bruges, Samata and Koulierakis for PAOK with a very good overall lead.

Weak link: PAOK didn't get what they wanted in the match from Meite and Ozdoev and Vieirinha in the second half.

Error: Kodarski misjudges the situation and brings down Onyendika, luckily for PAOK he saves the penalty and corrects his mistake.

The Struggle: Germany's Zibert almost made no mistake, right to point a penalty for Brugge.

Gazeta Fund: If PAOK needed three goals against Dinamo Zagreb, this time they need a two-goal win to qualify for the semi-finals of the Conference League. After the score was at 1-0, “Dicephalos” turned lucky in Hot Toomba.

Club Brook (Nikki Hayen): Jakers, Spillers (56' Ordoneth), Mechele, De Kuyper, Sabe, Onyendika, Vanaken, Fetlesen, Skoras, Thiago, Jutgla (72' Musa).

PAOK (Razwan Lucescu): Kotarsky, Vierinia (81' Yoni), Kensiora, Koulierakis, Baba, Maid, Ostov (72' Schwab), A. Zivkovic, Constantelias (62' Despotov), ​​Tyson, Samata (72' Thomas).

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