Bruges – PAOK: Chaos and dynamism: Police seize Greeks' tickets and threaten to jail them!

Disgraceful behavior of police against Greeks in Bruges. They get tickets and threaten to throw them in jail. Even journalists are denied entry!

Amazing things in Belgium and abroad Provocative police against Greeks. Dozens of complaints and testimonies from PAOK friends… about the inhuman behavior of the police.

There were scenes of infinite beauty outside the Bruges stadium after the police “did” on the coaches and blew the bags of the PAOK fans who had left them. According to evidence, the police…confiscated tickets from PAOK fans, even jail time!

There was serious irritation among the leaders of PAOK after the Belgian policemen boarded the buses and searched everything, while people got off them.

According to information, The police asked some to hand over the ticket they had actually paid for. When the PAOK friends refused, the police told them they would be arrested. And snatched the ticket from their hands Or forcing them to give.

Even the news that journalists who went to cover the match were not allowed inside is yet to be confirmed. With… the excuse that their certificates are fake! As in all European sports, accreditations are issued by official Brooks.

However, it is certain that PAOK will not let this matter pass and will take it all the way to UEFA to condemn the police's egregious behavior in Bruges, while PAOK's world and teammates are in uproar.

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