Giorgos Autias is a candidate with ND in the European elections

Giorgos Atias is the New Democrat candidate in the upcoming European elections.

Another candidate has been announced in the upcoming European elections SW. The reason is the journalist Giorgos Avtias.

The notification in this regard states: “In the June 9 European elections, journalist Giorgos Avtias will be a candidate on the New Democracy ballot”.

With Giorgos Avtias, the ND has so far announced 31 nominations. The party's full European vote is expected to be announced next Monday.

So far MEP candidates with ND

  • Nikos Stefos, Journalist-Author
  • Nurjan Sologlo, doctor-supervisor of general medicine at the regional clinic of Ambrosia Rodopi B'
  • Michalis Angelopoulos, lawyer, chairman of the scientific council of KEDE, former mayor of Samos
  • Vanessa Argondido, Communications Specialist, Ambassador of the European Agreement on Climate Change
  • Eliza Vosenberg, MEP
  • Byros Dimas, Olympian, Vice-President of the World Weightlifting Federation
  • Noni Dounia, former Member of Parliament for Piraeus and Islands, presenter
  • Thanasis Exadaktilos, president of the Panhellenic Medical Society, plastic surgeon
  • Spyros Karanikolas, Lawyer, PhD in European Law
  • Dimitris Katsounis, Business Consultant, expatriate from Canada
  • Manolis Kefalogiannis, MEP
  • Vasilis Kontojamanis, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Health Affairs, former Deputy Minister of Health
  • Olga Kouri-Kalergi, Obstetrician – Obstetrician
  • Maria-Oriosili Koutsoubia, Brussels and Athens lawyer
  • Pisti Krystallidou, Voluntary Secretary of New Democracy, Civil Servant, Attica Hospital
  • Stelios Kimbouropoulos, MEP
  • Vangelis Mimarakis, MEP, former leader of New Democracy
  • Giorgos Blioumis, Honorary President of GEA, Wing Commander EA
  • Nikos Noumis, politician, scientist, editor
  • Orestes Omran, international lawyer, expatriate from Brussels
  • Voula Batolito, Thessaloniki (Central Macedonia Region), Deputy Regional Governor of the Olympian Metropolitan Region
  • Vasilios Sakellaris, Deputy General Secretary of Youth of the European People's Party, International Relations Secretary of ONNED, Business Executive Abroad from the United Kingdom
  • Sothiris Serbos, Associate Professor of International Politics, Democritus University of Thrace
  • Maria Spirakis, MEP
  • Lidia-Antonia Dragatelli, PhD in Archaeology
  • Dimitris Tsiotras, Director of the Prime Minister's Press Office
  • Arthur Tsouhandaris, entrepreneur, expatriate from Australia, is the President of NODE Australia
  • Vicky Flessa, journalist, classical philologist
  • Neovi Christopoulou, a New York native, is a lawyer in Athens and New York
  • Evi Christofiloulou, Professor of Political Science, former Member of Parliament of Attica, former Deputy Minister of Education, former Deputy Minister of Administrative Reform and Electronic Government.

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