Microorganisms from feces and salmonella were shown in analyzes of water in magnesia

Microbial markers of faecal contamination And Salmonella (Salmonella spp) was brought to light Analysis of water in the water supply network in MagnesiaThis resulted in an increased incidence of gastroenteritis cases in residents of the Rizomylos and Stefanovikiou areas of the Magnesia Regional Division since May 27.

«The unpleasant incident of our colleague ending up in the Volos General Hospital due to gastroenteritis is not related to the outbreak of cases in Stefanovigiou and Rizomylo, with the epidemiological data of the investigation so far.“, EODY said in a statement released on Monday afternoon.

From filing cases and contacting over phone KY Velestinou, GN Volos and PGN Larisa As of today 03/06/24, in total they have visited the concerned health facilities, 100 cases of gastroenteritis, all ages and both sexes, symptoms appear on dates between 05/24/24-06/24/24. Nine (9) children have been hospitalized at the Pediatric Hospital, 2 of whom have been discharged, while an elderly person with underlying illnesses is hospitalized at the ICU of GN Volos. They, the residents of the concerned areas, and those related to this incident are being investigated.

On 31/05/2024, the Department of Health Control and Environmental Health (TYEPY) of PE of Magnesia, in collaboration with EODY, visited the areas for health identification of the water supply network and took water samples from representatives of the points. sent them to PEDY in Thessaly for water supply network and laboratory control.

Today, Monday, fresh water samples were taken from borewells, reservoirs and points of the network.

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According to the first results of laboratory control of water samples, Microbiological load in samples from regional network and reservoir.

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Especially with the exception of microbes Indicators of faecal contamination found at several sampling sites additionally detected Salmonella spp. In the tank and in two additional models of the regional network. Laboratory testing of water samples and identification of pathogens will continue in the coming days.

Referring to the laboratory control of clinical samples, a stool sample taken from a patient who arrived at Velastino Hospital and was referred to the Hospital of Thessaly was positive for Salmonella.

Six stool samples from children hospitalized at Volos General Hospital Further, Positive for Salmonella and pending completion of laboratory control of stool samples The remaining three children. It is requested that clinical cultures be sent to the National Salmonella-Shikella Reference Center (NKASS) for serotyping.

The EODY and PEDY of Thessaly, together with the Directorate of Public Health and Social Care (DDY) and the TYEPY of PE of Magnesia, informed the municipality of Riga Ferraio on 31/05/2024 about the event.

DEYA Riga Feraiu issued an announcement to citizens The water network does not use water for human use.

EODY recommends continuing to not use drinking water for human consumption and strictly following personal hygiene measures to avoid secondary spread of the disease.

The Water is recommended to be used exclusively for toilet use, not for washing food, food preparation or personal cleaning. If it is to be used, it should be boiled at 100 degrees for at least 3 minutes.

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EODY, in collaboration with DDY of Magnesia Region, has provided appropriate measures for immediate initiation of sanitation of the water supply network, which applies both to boreholes, reservoirs (cleaning, disinfection, superchlorination) and sanitization of the region. network. Tests will be daily on the water supply network until water quality is fully restored.

The investigation is ongoing

A team from EODY and PEDY of Thessaly went to the PE of Magnesia on 3/6/24 for an on-site epidemiological investigation, while an analytical epidemiological study was launched to fully investigate the phenomenon.

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