Michaloliakos: Publication – a bombshell, an appeal and a serious “crime”

News of the acquittal of Nikos Michaloliakos, the leader of the “Golden Dawn” Nazi criminal organization that terrorized the country by massacring people, was thunderous.

It is a testament to the hurt of the Nazi criminal organization’s victims, their families and loved ones, that angers the progressive space.

The head of the Nazi criminal organization is already at home

After the murder of Pavlos Faizas in 2013, judicial investigations took place and Nikos Michaloliakos was accused of running a criminal organization. Since 2015 he has taken political responsibility for the murder of Pavlos Faizas, categorically denying any criminal responsibility.

Following a months-long trial, Golden Dawn was found guilty on October 7, 2020 of operating a criminal organization, Golden Dawn, and sentenced to 13 years and six months in prison.

He described his persecution as political and ideological. He served part of his sentence in Tomoko prisons. The Golden Dawn leader has already been home since Wednesday (2/5). The lawyer disagreed with the said wish.

Reason for decision

With their decision (Decision No. 121/2024), therefore, the judges of the Judicial Council of Lamia, as we mentioned – they accepted the application submitted by Michaloliakos for conditional release from prison, despite the negative lawyer’s recommendation. They imposed restrictions on him.

In particular, the will stipulates:

  • A ban on leaving the regional unit of Attica,
  • Compulsory attendance once a month at Befki Police Station where he resides.
  • Prohibited from communicating with his co-convicts convicted in the same case.

A lawyer who reviewed the Golden Dawn chairman’s request concluded that Michaloliakos should not be released from prison, accepting that the conditions of the law for release from prison had been duly met. However, in a recommendation to the court, the public prosecutor insisted that a prisoner who does not meet the essential requirements of the law should not be released from prison under any circumstances.

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The prosecutor’s motion to dismiss Michaloliakou’s application was blanket, stating that the inmate had shown no remorse for what had been alleged, and that there was no indication that the applicant had made any moral progress. Indeed, the prosecutor shows Michaloliakos piles of articles which, as the prosecutor’s officer says, reinforce his view, as the prisoner appears unrepentant and declares that he was imprisoned in a context of political persecution and conspiracy.

The judges, however, decided that any doubts on the person of the accused should be acted upon in his favour. In addition, they evaluated his behavior positively and did not accept that his essay indicated that he would engage in new activities if he were released from prison.

Appeal against decision

However, on Thursday (2/5), it was learned that Lamia appeals prosecutor Lamia will appeal against the court’s decision to release gold jeweler Nikos Michaloliakos from prison under restrictions.

In particular, Lamias’ public prosecutor argued in his appeal that Nikos Michaloliakos did not meet the essential conditions for release from prison because he had shown no remorse and moral improvement for the crimes he was convicted of. In a detailed online article he says he is unrepentant and says he was imprisoned in the framework of political persecution and conspiracy.

“…sharpened bayonets on the pavements”

In the past, Nikos Michaloliakos has declared himself a fascist, a neo-Nazi and a racist. Since Golden Dawn entered the Greek Parliament in 2012, Nikos Michaloliakos has been arrested and charged with illegal activities. His neo-Nazi rhetoric is directly linked to anti-communism, racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia.

Photo from a blurry moment of Michaloliakos during his public speech: “But I inform you that we are not having a good time in the parliament. We feel uncomfortable, we feel a coldness and hatred there. If they want, we will leave them at any time and go to the streets, what are the assault battalions, what is the war. , let us see what struggle is, and what bayonets are sharpened on the pavements.

“We are Fascists”

Among the documents from the personal computer of Nikos Michaloliakos, head of the Nazi organization, seized by EL.AS. He is also shown in the video saying “we are ready to get our hands dirty” and threatening to “let them come and be counted” while pursuing legal action against the gold miners.

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He admits that the Golden Dawn is acting militarily, that his goal is to gain “sections” and that the “final” conflict will have “no military” but the Golden Dawn. He also admits that he was the leader of the raiding party that “cleaned the Court of Appeals” in Socrates Street, and the Golden Don Agios Panteleimon answers to those who said he was “doing nothing” in Panteleimon Square: “Who was stabbed then?”.

“We are the seed of the losers in 1945”, “we are nationalists, national socialists, fascists”, the video shows that if he lived in Germany in 33, he would be a member of Hitler. The party and he will be very happy that what happened in Germany after the Weimar Republic is that the people are a “mob”, the enemies of Greece are Jews, foreigners, immigrants, the enemies of Greece. Communists, and the Roma who were “rounded up by Hitler”.

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