Katia Tarabanko: She drowned in Santorini

Katia Tarabanko went to Santorini for Easter and shared videos and snapshots on her personal Instagram account.

The “GNTM” model and winner uploaded a video on Good Friday morning of her stay at a beach in the island. Dressed in a white bikini, Katia Tarabango posed in front of the camera in various poses in and out of the ocean to record herself on video.

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During her stay on the island, Katia Tarabanko enjoyed swimming in the sea, strolling through the alleys and watching the sunset. In the stories, she showed photos from her time relaxing there and in one snapshot, she showed part of her living room and specifically the view from her balcony.

Katia Tarabanko seems to have a special relationship with the island, as she often prefers it as a break from her professional duties. In a post she made in the summer of 2023, Katia Tarabanko was again photographed in Santorini in a black bikini.

Behind her was a swimming pool, but the blue sea. In the caption of her post, Katia Tarabanko expressed her happiness to be there. In particular, he wrote: “A smile says a lot, we love bellies 😂🍫🔆♥️”.

Check out his post:

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