According to Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona no longer want him at Barcelona


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The lawsuit between Mario Hessonia and Barcelona is not expected to continue, with the Catalans withdrawing their interest according to Mundo Deportivo and denying the existence of a preliminary agreement signed with the Croatian.

The reversal of data in the Mario Hessonia and Barcelona case that rocked European waters on Friday (14/6) came a day after a questionable €12 million deal between the two sides reportedly collapsed over four years. want Sports world.

As reported by the Spanish media, the Catalans deny that there is a preliminary agreement with the Croatian forward, while they have now closed the door on him and turned to the acquisition of Kevin Bader.

However, the Iberian Peninsula country’s press reports that Barcelona have signed a pre-contract with the Croatian (who is under contract with Real until the end of June) to deposit in the Liga Endesa, so that Real “have the right to compete. Its offer for the player based on the status of “Dandio”.

The Catalans, however, continued to show interest in denying a definitive agreement with Hessonia.

According to the same publication, the reason for Barcelona’s withdrawal of interest was Mario Hessonia’s statements after winning the championship from Real, where the Croatian forward said the following:

“When they said bad things about me in Madrid they welcomed me with open arms, they were lies, and I want to return that love with many more years of success.”

It remains to be seen if there will be new episodes and if Mario Hessonia’s basketball future will develop into a streak like Nikola Mirotic’s last year.

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