Khalifa, Erdogan and the “Sleepwalkers”

By Kostas Stupas

1) Khalifa, Erdogan and the “Sleepwalkers”

The conversion of the historic mosque of the Sora Monastery into a mosque was not a random piecemeal move in the context of manipulation by neighboring radical Islamists. This is the second such move in a short span of time, after the conversion of Hagia Sophia.

The Erdogan regime is calling for radical Islam inside and outside Turkey as part of neo-Ottoman plans to turn the Muslim majority against the infidels of the West.

Erdogan, like other Islamic leaders, imagines that Islam’s centuries-long conflict with the Christian West did not end with the defeat and retreat of the Ottomans and Arabs from Europe and the West’s evolution into a secular global technological and economic power.

They see today’s world as a continuation of the historical period in which the Crusaders conquered lands near the heart of Islam for a few centuries, and then the Muslims conquered European lands up to the borders of Central Europe and much of Iberia.

From this point of view, the time for the spread of Islam in European countries is approaching. The conversion of Christian monuments into mosques in Turkey has a symbolic character. When Muslim minorities in Greece, the Balkans and Europe are dealt with raise questions of self-determination, the issue will be raised on real grounds.

The problem is not confined to Thrace, Albania or Bosnia. It touches the heart of Europe.

A few days ago a crowd of around 1,000 Muslims gathered in Hamburg calling for the establishment of a caliphate in the region.

According to the German press, the meeting was held at the invitation of the “Muslim Interactive” association. About 1,000 men joined a second group of 80 women separately.

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“Many protesters wore hoodies with the words ‘Caliphate,'” the Hamburger Morganpost newspaper reported.

According to the French “Figaro” publication: “The group ‘Muslim Interactive’ is associated with the banned Islamic organization ‘Hizb ud-Tahrir'”. According to the report, according to German authorities, “Muslim Interactive” is actually close to the organization “Hizb ut-Tahrir”, the Islamic Liberation Party, a transnational Islamist organization that evolved from the Muslim Brotherhood. It was formed in East Jerusalem in 1954 as “a politico-religious movement aimed at uniting all Muslims in a global caliphate”.

There are many who believe that this is a sad minority of fanatics or hooligans gathering and demanding. They believe that the majority of Muslims living in the West are assimilated into the rules of law and the values ​​and morals of Western societies.

But there are objections.

A few days ago, a survey conducted by the Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony (KFN) was published, in which 67.8% of Muslim students studying in German schools say that “the provisions of the Koran are more important than the constitution and laws”. German Govt.

Of these, 51.5% believe that “only Islam can provide solutions to the problems of our time” and 45.8% believe that “Islamic theocracy is the best form of government”.

It is clear from the survey that young Muslims are far from integrating into German society. Of course, 67.8% live according to the laws of the Koran, while 32.2% adapt their behavior to the requirements of the laws of the German state.

Today in Germany Muslims number about 5.5 million and represent 6.5% of the population. It is estimated that by 2050, based on a worst-case scenario, they could reach 20% of the population. In the best case scenario, under zero immigration in 2050, they could represent 9% of the population.

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Already, in Germany, Muslims of Turkish origin are planning to form a party and participate in the European elections.

The occupation of American and European universities by Muslims and leftist supporters of Hamas in the guise of Gazans in recent weeks demonstrates the existence of anti-Western focal points within the West. The erosion of Western societies may be greater than we think.

The 2015 novel “The Mosque of Notre Dame” sets France in a not-so-distant future, a totalitarian Muslim country, due to mass immigration, cultural decline and a changing demographic.

Sharia law has replaced the secular state and all women are forced to wear the hijab. Christian minorities and secular atheists or agnostics are persecuted.

Evidence shows that from living with Muslim populations in Western societies, a significant proportion not only assimilate with Western societies, but convert to radical Islamic views in reaction.

It is often observed that the children of Muslim immigrants who come to the West for a better life and embrace Western values ​​turn to radical Islam due to the need for some self-identity. Alternative networks heavily funded by rich Islamic countries also contribute to this situation.

Immigration pressures will continue to intensify in the coming decades as the populations of Muslim countries that are far from allowing transition to Europe continue to grow. On the other hand, Muslim populations located within Europe show significantly higher birth rates than all other demographic groups.

This mixture forms an explosive mixture. The questioning of Greek sovereignty in the eastern Aegean islands, and soon in Thrace, seems to have been part of a wider project of Islamic revival and expansion.

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We are as blind as Hermann Broch’s “Sleepwalkers” in the West, where the flowery path to the hell of the Great War is depicted.

2) How we lost the country

Good evening Mr Stupa,

Live a long and healthy life,

I read your article and you have your opinions and of course I have mine.

I am only referring to the responsibilities you attribute to certain politicians for our economy and bottom line.

You put Kostas Karamanlis on the law, saying the debt to GDP ratio is too high.

You certainly know more than me.

But I doubt you have a good memory.

Look back to 2004. Remember, search and read the newspapers of that time.

The ND government paid off the Olympic Games debt raised at the last minute due to lack of resources or deliberate, projects by the Simitis government. to us.

The ND government had promised before the election to make permanent the contractual “hostages” employed by PASOK, which it had derided for years. He did.

Remember the Greek government guarantees on loans for hospital expenses, drug purchases, etc. confiscated by PASOK, someone has to pay them back. ND and Kostas Karamanlis government paid them.

I am not saying that the 2004 government did everything right.

But I don’t accept that she is responsible for the debt build-up

Philip Hatziberis

[email protected]

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