Eurovision: Second semi-final with Satti and Papariso

His scene 68th European Music Competition in Malmö, Sweden ready to welcome her Marina Satti, for The second semi-final of ongoing competition.

Representing our country, Marina Satti participated in the second part of the semi-final “Zari” and appeared In 3rd place, Impressive looks.

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Watch the second semi-final of Eurovision 2024 live:

Second semi-final, as well Grand Finale May 11, 10:00 PMBroadcast exclusively by ERT1 and the second programme.

It is recalled that on Wednesday evening (8/5) Marina Satti went back to the stage in Malmö and held her dress rehearsal shortly before her B semi-final. Eurovision 2024.

Elena Papariso is back on the Eurovision stage

In tonight’s semi-final, the audience will be invited to sing classic songs from the competition’s history, along with three famous past winners: our Helena Papariso, who won Eurovision representing Greece in 2005 with “My Number One”, Serdab Erener (Sertab Erener), had his first and only hit in Turkey so far in 2003 with “Everywhere That I Can”. Charlotte Perelli (Charlotte Perrelli), this year celebrates the 25th anniversary of her success in 1999 (on behalf of Sweden) with “Take Me to Your Heaven”.

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The 16 nations competing in the B semi-finals are:

  1. Μάλτα | Sarah Bonnici – “Loop”
  2. Albania | Peza – “Titan”
  3. Greece | Marina Satti – “Zari”
  4. Switzerland | Nemo – “The Code”
  5. Czech Republic | Iko – “pedestal”
  6. Austria Kaleen – “We’ll Rave”
  7. Denmark | Saba – “Sand”
  8. Armenia | Lataniwa – “Jaco”
  9. Latvia | Dance – “Halo”
  10. Agios Marinos | Megara – “11:11”
  11. Georgia | Nutsa Pusaladze – “Fireman”
  12. Belgium | Musti – “Before the Party Ends”
  13. Estonia | 5minus Kai Pulup – “We (don’t know) about these drugs”
  14. Israel | Eden Colon – “Hurricane”
  15. Norway | Code – “Ulweham”
  16. Netherlands | Joost Klein – “Europapa”
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Also, the following countries make their appearance from the BIG 5 tonight:

  • France | Slimane – “Mon Amor”
  • Spain | Nebulosa – “Sora”
  • Italy | Angelina Mango – “La Noya”

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