Kazi: 37-year-old Albanian gunman's identity unknown – what EL.AS found out

A 37-year-old Albanian is missing 20 days (16/12) after he opened fire in Kasi for a trivial reason against three young men from Crete.

According to reports, cordon has been tightened around the dangerous thug, though the police are yet to trace him and arrest him.

The 37-year-old is known to authorities and an international arrest warrant has been issued against him.

He tried to escape to Turkey or Malta

A week after the episode, there were reports that the 37-year-old tried to flee abroad, specifically to Turkey or Malta.

New information published by the Star today in a major news package says that police officers handling the case have identified a link between the 37-year-old to find forged documents and flee abroad.

The 37-year-old seems to be taking a tough stance. In fact, in the first days after the episode, he tried to mislead the authorities.

Fraudulent business

In particular, after the arrest of his 33-year-old partner, the 37-year-old announced through his lawyer that he was ready to surrender in the next few days, which he never did.

His intention was to buy time by trying to escape abroad.

Experienced officers of the Extortion Directorate, not expecting the 37-year-old to turn up on his own, immediately initiated procedures to issue a European Arrest Warrant, while police services were further informed in all key areas and exit gates of the country.

After days of all possibilities open, the 37-year-old is believed to have been unable to leave the country and is in hiding using connections in the underworld and the Albanian mafia.

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After all, he was a known criminal in Albania and spent about 10 years in prison.

Good news for the injured 34-year-old

Meanwhile, news from the neurosurgery clinic of the “Jennimetas” hospital is encouraging about the condition of Dimitris, a 34-year-old Cretan who was shot in the head in the early hours of December 16 in Kasi. , outside a club.

Reports from the 34-year-old's treating doctors say the anesthetics have been stopped, but his blood levels are still high.

Nevertheless, the patient opened his eyes and began to breathe on his own, without mechanical support, while appearing to have a rudimentary connection with the environment.

As the doctors point out, it is still too early to judge his course and his recovery, but these developments are very encouraging for the future course of his health.

Difficult surgery

The patient was operated on December 18 by the surgical team of the “Gennimata” neurosurgery clinic with the help of a neuronavigation system that minimizes surgical brain damage.

We remind you that the projectile received by Gretton did not leave the skull, but stopped on a bone, and because there was only an entrance wound, it lodged in his brain. It was a very rare case and required a complex operation, which was carried out by a team of experienced “Gennimatas”.

Dimitris' brother, Giannis, was among the Cretans who were shot by “gunmen” in Khasi and had been at home in Malia since December 22.

Meanwhile, the manhunt launched by EL.AS is ongoing. For the 36-year-old gunman who shot and killed three young men from Crete in cold blood. Almost 17 days after the bloody incident, the 36-year-old is still evading arrest.

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