Kassalakis’ divisive populism, the same recipe as Syriza in 2014…

Stefanos Kasselakis sells a political product with populism as its ingredient. When does he create the impression that he is “demolishing” the left-wing character of SYRIZA, and when…warns citizens not to vote for ministers who “kill babies”!

The SYRIZA presidency has no limits. Like then, instead of climbing the ramp and entering the classroom of the school he attends, he chose to show off under guard! He is capable of saying anything to gain approval and sympathy. Even the metropolis of Corfu…

Its political content is pure mush. An “elite” ready to mislead gullible people, in which he participates with his still hidden assets and his apartment bought for 1,800,000 euros!

Kasselakis is the new version of “Tsipras 2014”. The 2024 European elections will be held under the same conditions as a decade ago.

SYRIZA is always the same…

Those who are sensible about Europe, the Union and the need for further integration, we will not come out in the month-long run-up to the European elections. Chances are we’ve heard a lot about the “elite” and the bureaucracy of Brussels.

Politics will not be a topic in May before the election. As the United States of America says, reflection on the creation of a united Europe is a “dangerous” debate. The populists of the United Left (in all appearances) are lurking along with the far right who propagate blatantly shameless lies against the Brussels “state”. However, the fact that they are the first to take advantage of the available content, the European funding, which they condemn in the interim is a… insignificant detail. Unfortunately, even their enemies go so far as to hide. European-minded people don’t highlight it for fear of appearing “too” European and offending the public. With this self-righteous attitude, anti-establishment populism gained political ground.

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Do not complain about the intrusion of the metaphysical and theological dimension into party competition, when we avoid talking about politics with serious arguments, when the seriousness, stupidity and ridiculousness remain unanswered. Who focused on systematically “cultivating” a section of gullible citizens in the political center, with letters allegedly “initiated by Jesus” to a political leader? With his daily TV speech and at the same time selling pain relief creams, he managed to “cure” the electorate, ready to vote for Europe! Verbally, they are mostly in favor of a united Russia…

There are parts of Greek society that resemble the dark side of the moon. They have been deceived for years. They were left to the exploitation of cunning demagogues. Just as the spread of the graphics was ignored, the potential for a political outcome leading to absurd claims and conspiracy theories was not foreseen. That happened with the civil marriage of same-sex couples.

It may not be hotly debated, and it may not seem like much of a concern, but the issue is taking its toll underground in a hypocritical society. It is ironic and oxymoron for a Conservative Party priest who voted in favor of the law to be publicly condemned by MPs, while a left-wing political leader receives a metropolitan reception in Corfu with accolades and accolades. Presenter of new ideas about family.

Kassalakis’s populism is dangerous and divisive. He wants an answer, not complacency. It appeals to even the most basic instincts of its most discerning audience. It is the strategy he chooses to save himself in the party contest. His…friends are waiting for him in the corner. But these are theirs.

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The government has an obligation of responsible information and initiatives to give it the momentum it needs. There are signs of recovery, but it is not yet successful…

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