“If Savvidis calls me, I will return to PAOK”

Ene Mihai spoke to a Greek media for the first time since his departure from PAOK, choosing Metropolis 95.5 and the “Sti Sentra” program to express his views on Dekefalos. For three consecutive years, he was a PAOK player. He spoke about his memories, Famalikao and his goals, the Albanian national team and qualifying for the Euros and the young players of Ivan Savvidi, Razvan Lucescu and DeCapalos. He also remembers the only goal he scored in the Greek Championship. In Karaiskakis, against Olympiakos. In the summer of 2020 when he gave PAOK a huge win.

He elaborated:

For Famalicao: “It was a good choice to come. I like the league and it suits me. The first year was great, the second year I had some injuries, but now, I have started playing and everything is going well”.

For the Albanian national team: “It makes me proud and happy to play for my national team. We have talent and I'm happy we reached the Euros”.

For memories with PAOK: “Introduction, trophy, beautiful moments in Europe, my goal with Olympiakos. It's a special feeling, point-wise it doesn't matter, but these games are important for the ego and for the world. We brought joy to the world. Beautiful moments will always remain in my mind.”

On whether he chases the target: “I had a beam recently, and I think he might come to Portugal.”

On whether he keeps in touch with former teammates: “I have contact with Dimitris Giannoulis, Lazaros Lambreu, Stephen Schwab, Harris Tsingaras, Yiannis Michaelidis, Christos Garibidis. We had sweet moments with the children and I am happy when we talk.”

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For PAOK: “I watch a lot of team games. PAOK is different this year. He plays vertical and fast football. It consists of players moving and attacking in space. They are different from other years. He has a good year and I hope he gets the championship and the trophy. I hope it goes further in Europe. We might have qualified then. At this level every mistake pays. That's what happened then. We made two or three mistakes and we got kicked out.

To Lucescu: “He's specialized in emphasizing the tactical side. He believes in his plan and his ideas, which is positive. PAOK have a better image than previous years, they are on the right track. He is a special person who never likes failure and is close to the players. We had good times and bad times.”

For Paulo Sosa: “He was Marco Silva's assistant at Olympiakos. He is a coach who demands intensity in the game, he wants the team to rise and I believe we will see him in the big teams in the coming years. Our cooperation is good”

To Felipe Soares: “Soares came, we talked and I tried to put him in the mentality of the team. We also saw Fernando Varela, who is good. We talked about PAOK and agreed that it is better than other years. Felipe had a training session and I will try to help him with everything he needs. He is healthy, Hope you can help us”

For a possible three: “We have to see who his opponent is. There are teams that aren't great, but their style of play can affect your game. He's got depth on the roster, he's got a good image, and I think if he has that image, he'll go forward and get good results. The win against Eintracht is a confidence booster. PAOK need to focus, see game by game, and they will progress. People are happy wherever he goes.

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For Rules: “He is a man who was close to me, I had conversations and I isolated him. If he calls me, I will return to PAOK”.

About whether he will return to PAOK: “The truth is, I've always dreamed of playing abroad and right now I'm not thinking about going back. Not this time, but you never know.”

For Michaelidis – Koulierakis: “They are different players, they are strong and quality. PAOK can trust them. They are doing well. Michaelidis has high quality on the ball, Koulierakis is very dynamic in marking. It is not an easy position, it is even more difficult in championship teams. I am happy for these kids, for Konstantinos and Lairatsi” .

For Constantia: “He is a player who can provide many solutions, his actions can open up the game. He is having a fantastic year and I hope he continues.”

For goals: “Some results have left us behind, but we will try to get higher. We were kicked out of the cup. Our target is fifth place and I want to play as many games as possible and be at the Euros.”

As for his message to the PAOK world: “I want to thank them for the love I got. When you get that much love, you know he did something right. I wish the team to achieve their goals and make them happy.”

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