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K. Nikolakopoulos in his Gazzetta blog writes about Olympiakos continuing another difficult and almost catastrophic day.

Instead of preamble: Panathinaikos was good in Philadelphia yesterday. If this is the case on Wednesday in Karaiskakis, Olympiakos will have to be better than last Wednesday's game in Leoforos if they want to qualify for the Cup.

We are now halfway through the championship! We are exactly at 18The Competition for a total of 36 matches. If we look at last year's league standings at this time, halfway through it, we can see that Olympiacos are more or less in the same position this year, forced to chase.

then, Olympiakos is at -7 from leader Panathinaikos, second from AEK at -3 and fourth from PAOK at +2. Now, Olympiakos is at -6 from first PAO, -6 from first PAOK and -4 from third AEK. This year goes even better as they lost 1-1 in 49, conceded a point in a game and were held to nil.The minute, at which point it was interrupted.

Difference Last year Olympiakos reached -12 from PAO at one point (14The competition). Still he managed to reduce it to -3 on the 1stThe Day of playoff match (27The league total). He did it firstly because he had players of personality and quality (Bakabou, Huang, Mbila, but also Papastathopoulos, Rebsyuk, until Hames left with injury) and secondly a coach (Mitchell) who “knew us and them. We knew.” This year, combined with Fortune's generally catalysing presence, I think it's still depositing the soul.

Another one BIG DIFFERENCE: This year Olympiakos has a more hostile referee than last year! You'd think she couldn't be more hostile, but it turns out it's always worse. We now see openly hostile referees even in games against rivals such as Volos, Kifisia and Atromidos. In the derby, against AEK the other day, we experienced a very wandering referee by this “postman” from Slovakia.

He got it Analyze what happened yesterday food wise in Caesariani. And there's no point in repeating myself. In general you don't need to analyze the phases – when there are ten, let's call them controversial phases in Kifisia-Olympiakos, and nine (!!!) go in favor of Kifisia, mainly VAR (Yiannis Papadopoulos), AVAR (Psari), but referee (Manoho ) and you don't need anything else to understand what happened. It is clear that Olympiakos is forced to take his team at one point and leave a game, losing 0-3 on paper, eating -5 points and starting the next championship at the same time, finishing behind Aris in points. with -5 points.

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my own The idea is that the Olympiakos team needs to be protected by its own footballers first – after all, they are on the grass. So when he knows what is happening Redsos is not allowed, knowing that Olympiakos is waiting in the corner, to give rights, with 10 players yesterday half and 20 in Volos to leave the first team.The Minute, slender. Yes, Manohos defied all limits by picking up two yellow cards for two fouls (which he committed in the game!) for aerial challenges within 10 minutes of the first half. However, Redzos, aware that Olympiakos were chasing him, went on and committed a foul in the 45th minute as he received a yellow card in the 35th minute.

No permission Biancon, who played in the French league, gave a penalty yesterday to make it 2-2. In last Sunday's derby with AEK, Ortega cannot afford to keep selling the ball and making one mistake after another. Ibora, 38, was not allowed to take such a sentence in Volos, etc.

After The referees don't just protect, they hunt Olympiakos, it's the Olympiakos players who have to protect their team in a simple way: avoid giving the referees the right, and avoid giving the opponents unforgivable mistakes-gifts. We've reached a point where other teams don't need to score against Olympiakos – Olympiakos concede goals like the Biancone did yesterday. I'm not saying that “Red and White” should blow our eyes out with their performances. I say don't give away the rights as it's obvious that Olympiakos are waiting around. They have a duty not to grant rights.

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anyway, Olympiakos may not have captured anything… Castle, Kifisia won by Wall, but in the situation where this double took place, the team psychologically took a deep breath and narrowed the gap from the top to two points. And six points is certainly a lot, especially when you have three opponents to overtake, but they are better than eight points! And against a much-mature Aris in Harilou on Sunday, there will be plenty to see.

With both teams having big games for the cup on Wednesday (Olympiakos-PAO, Ares-AEK), those with the most stamina in terms of roster, morale and hunger for results will survive on Sunday. And for those who haven't noticed, Aries takes fourth place from Olympiakos, and if it wins, it will move two points closer.


No No problem with Paschalakis. Carvalial simply wanted to give a chance to Tzolakis, who had zero minutes of an official game share this year. After all, how could Olympiakos want to keep him on the one hand and not play him at all on the other?…

Solakis He started well, showing confidence in collecting the ball on the way out, but this desire to make a difference in a large number of exits eventually caused him a problem, as in the 1-2 phase, he brought Kifisia back into the game, who had no reason to leave. Mandy to punch after full control of the ball. Then he inevitably had no time to get a good position on the long shot of the Kifisia score and ate the goal.

should be To be honest, I never understood the whole scene of the penalty shootout, constantly talking to Ozekovic, urging him where to take it, and finally it fell into the wrong corner and the Kifisia player hit it. There the goalkeeper showed him Olympiakos!

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ByTo his credit, Paschalakis encouraged Jolakis throughout the game and tried to help him psychologically, with the young goalkeeper generally showing a good level of readiness for his first game since July!

Photo of the day:

Carvalhal, As in Avenue, he did some real training yesterday.

Exactly Doe had to come on due to Retsu's suspension as he was the least effective player in the first half.

Take a chance Also, after 2-2, he took off Navarro and did not wear Jovedic, but El Arabi, who was out for a month due to injury, grabbed two regular goals and was dismissed (one that counted in the end) with drug titles.

Take a chance What's more, he was equally justified in passing Gelson Martins at the end of the race, who has 11 months to play and minimal training on his legs. The Portuguese, although he still seems to have a bad leg, can make a difference – even playing… again, like yesterday! In less than 16 minutes he assisted the winning goal with a precise cross, took out the Kifisia player, shot, made brilliant passes and did his magic!

and Alexandropoulos He replaced Mandy with new legs in the final, while Ortega's entry in place of Fortunis was absolutely perfect, so Olympiakos played with a normal defense and no Gelsen.

I would say Carvalhal's only mistake was that he kept Recho! From the moment he chose to make a rotation (six changes), to use Panathinaikos four days before and three days after, there is no reason for him to use Retzo, he continues to play and excessive use is not good for him, unfortunately we found out yesterday. . why If Doe doesn't play, who's the best on the avenue? And yesterday, if he had come into the second half, dominated most of the game, and scored at a great opportunity when Rodney was awarded a penalty, he could have stood up and been a hero.

Finally one

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