He was considered a Hamas hostage but was buried with another victim of the October 7 massacre.

The body of an Israeli believed to be a Hamas hostage has been found in Israel. Eliakim Liebman was eventually killed at the festival site on October 7, 2023, after spending hours in the carnage killing several wounded.

On Good Friday (03.05.2024), the Israeli army and the family of Eliakim Liebman announced that a young Israeli who was taken hostage by Hamas in the Gaza Strip was buried in Israel, another victim of last October’s massacre.

Liebman, 24, a member of the security team at the Noah music festival attacked by Hamas terrorists in southern Israel.Killed during the October 7 massacre“And his body was found in Israeli territory,” the military statement said.

Officials estimate Liebman was among nearly 250 people abducted on October 7 and taken to the Gaza Strip, according to Israel, of whom 128 remain, 35 of whom are believed to be dead.

When asked by AFP, the Israeli military declined to say where, when and how his body was found. It simply said the body was identified “after evidence found on the ground and a complex investigation by the Israeli Armed Forces and the police and the National Forensic Agency.”

According to Israeli media, A body was found buried with the body of another murdered man During the festival of Noah.

“After more than 200 days and nights of searching, worrying, praying and crying, we are deeply saddened to know that our beloved son is no longer alive,” his family announced. “After spending hours tending to many injured people, he was killed at the festival site,” he added.

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365 people died on the festival site, including Lippmann.

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