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Stamatis Kraunakis announced the death of the actress through his post

Through a post on social media, Stamatis Kraunakis announced the death of Anna Panagiotopoulou at the age of 76.

Characteristically, the composer wrote “Anna is gone” while he included a video of a previous concert at the Herodian, in which Anna Panagiotopoulou took part.

“The Three Graces” (with Minas Adamakis, Nenas Mendi, Anna Kyriakou) and “Dolce Vita” (Katiana Palanica, Maria Kavogianni, Maria Fokas, Katerina Zicopo Orikov, Pavlos Ziocou, Pavlos Ziocou, Pavlos Ziocou los Giokov, with Pavlos Giokov, Minas Adamakis, Nenas Mendi, Anna Kiriakou) Anna Panagiotopoulou participated. Tseva et al.), which are considered “classics”.

But her great love was theatre. Together with Stamatis Fasoulis, they were key members of the Free Theater -almost from its inception- and starred in its first major hit, Kai sy sktenesisis, which became known and loved by the general public. They ranged from Brecht to Gourmoussi. They got a permanent “roof” when they went to Alsos Pagratiou. At the same time, till then, the group participants were engaged in other jobs for survival. In 1980, Free Theater was discontinued and Free Stage was founded by Anna Panagiotopoulos and Stamatis Fasolis, essentially renaming Free Theatre. Anna Panagiotopoulou continued studies, in which she acted but also wrote the script.

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