First post on MAD Awards

Singer Marina Satti made a post on her personal account on Instagram on Friday afternoon with moments from the MAD Music Awards.

It is recalled that at this year’s Eurovision, Marina Satti experienced an embarrassing moment shortly before receiving her award, when Athenais Nega mentioned the Greek singer’s yawn while Israel’s representative was speaking. Marina Satti did not react to the journalist’s comments when she took the stage, and even now does not comment on her publication, thus giving her own response.

At the Mad VMAs 2024, Athenes Nega said: “I’m here to award the best pop artist. I can yawn, but even though I don’t agree with her, I really admire her as a singer. Come on Marina.”

After receiving her award, Marina Satti said the following without responding to the journalist’s comment: “Thank you very much. It’s my first time here, my first award, thank you very much. It’s been an interesting year, I’ve learned a lot, gained a lot. I’ve missed some things…I want to thank you so much for your love and support. I’m very I’m happy because it’s starting to happen as I thought it would for all these years. We’re preparing new things, we hope you like it too.”

Check out the post:

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