Freedom: Five tourists die in 11 days in Greece – ‘there is a common pattern’

Disappearances and deaths of tourists on Greek islands have become a hot topic in the British media. Yes, his publication Independent It stands in the wake of the deaths of BBC presenter Michael Moseley, who made headlines in the UK, and four tourists who have been found dead in the past 11 days.

“There is a common pattern – everyone went hiking in the middle of high temperatures”

The Independent links the tourist deaths to the heatwave hitting our country, which, as they say, “will go down in meteorologist history”.

“In some areas, people have been told to stay indoors by 11 am. and 3 p.m. With warmer weather at the start of summer, due to fears of heat-related deaths,” the report said.

“With the country on the front line of global warming, experts believe the heat wave could be a sign of impending doom for the summer. Greece’s worst ever heat wave lasted 16 days and was recorded last July,” he added.

The Independent later reports that the Acropolis and schools and kindergartens will be closed for a few hours after temperatures hit 43 degrees Celsius in some places.

The Independent reports on tourist deaths

The release also cites reports from ERT meteorologist, Panagiotis Yiannopoulos, who said, “This heat wave will go down in history. In the 20th century, we never had a heat wave before June 19. In the 21st century we had several, but none before June 15.”

He mentions the countless tourist deaths that have shocked our country, many of whom have died or gone missing after trekking in high temperatures.

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All five tourists were found dead

Michael Mosley was found dead on Simi Island earlier this month after an extensive search. The coroner concluded that he died shortly after hiking on rough, rocky terrain on June 5.

On Sunday, search teams found the body of a 55-year-old American tourist on the small island of Madraqi. He was flown to the island of Corfu, where a post-mortem will be carried out.

There is still talk that the body of a Dutch tourist who went missing on the island of Samos was found on Saturday. The 74-year-old had recently moved to the island and was reported missing by his wife. The body was found in a ravine about 800 meters from Limnionas. A local resident saw the tourist struggling to walk in the sun.

On June 5, another Dutch tourist, 67, collapsed and died of a heart attack while crossing the Mylon Valley in Rethymno, Crete, as temperatures reached 40 degrees Celsius.

The next day, on the same island, a 70-year-old French tourist died while walking on a deserted beach between Koremenos and Zagros in Sitia. Paramedics managed to reach her but could not save her life.

“There is a common pattern”

“There is a common pattern – everyone went hiking amid high temperatures,” Petros Vasilakis, a police spokesman in the southern Aegean, told Reuters.

According to Dimitris Galatzis, head of the Samos Rescue Group, trips are often made difficult because tourists are often unaware of the dangers and get lost off the road to explore.

He told local media: “Yesterday we saw a couple [αλλοδαπών] Walking on a 41 degree Celsius track without a hat. It’s ridiculous.”

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Rescuers are still looking for two French women, aged 64 and 73, who were staying at different hotels in Chichino.

The women are believed to know each other. Two search operations are underway on other islands. “Police, firefighters and volunteers have been deployed with the help of a drone and a rescue dog,” Mr Vasilakis said.

Other UK networks about missing tourists

Other major British networks such as the BBC and Sky News have coverage of the disappearances and deaths of tourists, which mention the dead American and stand in for the disappearance of three tourists.

BBC report

“Greek authorities continue to search for three missing tourists in the Cyclades island complex,” British networks write, referring to two French women who went missing in Chikinos and a 59-year-old American tourist who hiked alone in the heat. in Amorgos and he has not given signs of life since last Tuesday.

The Sky News report

Athens is one of Europe’s hottest cities, with summer temperatures likely to rise by an average of two degrees by 2050, scientists have warned.

Temperatures across the country began to cool on Friday, with forecasters predicting a return to average temperatures for the season of 31 to 33 degrees.

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