Fire at Acharnes: Industrial facilities on fire – 112 called

The fire department was alerted to a fire on Karamanley Avenue in Acharnes on Tuesday night.

The fire spread in low vegetation and due to strong winds, it took dimensions and passed through the industrial complex located in the area, while it also spread to the Helitonous stream.

He immediately called 112 and called the residents of the area to be ready. With a second message residents near Helitonous Stream are being urged to close doors and windows due to smoke.

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Factory area

60 firemen and 17 vehicles were deployed along with a team of pedestrians to douse the fire.

They are volunteer firefighters and help local water bodies.

Traffic regulations

Traffic police have enforced traffic rules in the area due to the fire incident.

In particular, traffic is stopped on Karamanli Avenue, at the height of Foundoukias Street, and at the height of Digalias Street below.

According to the first information, the fire, which started in a low vegetation area, has spread to the Helitonous stream.

According to reports, the fire gained momentum due to highly flammable material.

Dionysos Municipality uploaded a photo from a drone on Facebook showing the extent of the flames.

In a little while

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