Djokovic flustered by boos question at Wimbledon – walks out of BBC interview

Novak Djokovic’s BBC interview with Rooney ended abruptly when he walked out after being asked about boos at Wimbledon.

The journalist persistently asked the Serbian tennis player about the boos, which also brought up his reaction to his last match with Holger Rooney, but what worried Djokovic more was whether the lack of respect for his person would help him compete better. .

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“Do you have any questions other than those about the audience?” Are you just focused on that or do you have questions about the game?” Djokovic asked the reporter with irritation.

Djokovic: The moment he mocked the crowd who booed him during his match with Rooney – “Goodnight” [βίντεο]

“This is the third question you have asked me about this. I’ve said everything I need to say,” continued the Serbian tennis player.

The reporter then tried to turn the conversation to Djokovic’s match with Australian Alex de Minor, to which the Serbian only replied, “Yes, it will be a tough match” and got up to leave.

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Djokovic: The moment he left the BBC interview

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