Final Four 2024, Real Madrid

Final Four mission 2024

Sports 24

Check out the picture outside the Uber arena hours before the EuroLeague Grand Final between Panathinaikos AKTOR and Real Madrid (21:00, Novasports Prime and LIVE from SPORT24).

Panathinaikos AKTOR faces Real Madrid in the Grand Final of the EuroLeague, with the trophy in the background (21:00, NovaSports Prime And Live from SPORT24).

Already some fans of the Greens have turned up at the stadium, eager to see their team compete in the title-deciding game.

Final Four 2024, Real Madrid - Panathinaikos Aktor: This is a picture of the Uber Arena hours before the big final.
Sports 24

Excitement is high and fans who followed Glover to Berlin found themselves ubering around the arena early to get their seats as soon as possible.

The pair will face each other for the first time in the EuroLeague final at 21:00.

Here’s a picture of Uber outside the arena hours before the Jumble:

Final Four 2024 – The in Berlin

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