Eurovision 2024 – Exclusively on ERT ahead of the Grand Final Satti: It will take the rest of my life to process what I experienced.

“There are so many emotions. And it’s sad that it’s all over. Well, these last few days have been very demanding. We’ve been here from morning to night. We’ve done a lot of rehearsals,” he said exclusively. ERT Minutes before his finals start Eurovision 2024 The Marina Satti.

He added: “The atmosphere inside the arena is very warm, always with people. It’s very short, everything that happens every time is very fast. I try to capture and remember the moments, but it goes by very fast (…) even compared to previous times. We hope to provide some.

We are all very emotional about this whole journey coming to an end and we have been together for so long. With you, with all of you who are here these days, we hope that this whole experience will end in a festive (…)

I personally thank you very much for the support. All this has been a very interesting journey for me. All Types. This period of the last months is artistically and personally.

So much has happened in such a short time, it feels like it’s taking me a lifetime to process this information.

In truth though, this relationship created with the world, this support, love, happiness is what I hold most. We hope to really pay back now with our presence.”

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