And Greece supported the Palestinians as full members of the UN

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) supported the Palestinian bid to become a full member of the UN, recognizing its potential to join and recommending that the UN Security Council “favorably reconsider the matter”.

The vote by the 193 members of the United Nations General Assembly on Friday (10/5) was a global “referendum” in favor of a Palestinian bid to become a full member of the UN – which would effectively recognize a Palestinian state – after the US vetoed it in the UN Security Council last month.

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The Assembly had 143 votes in favor and 9 against, with 25 abstentions. Among the countries that voted in favor of Palestine’s eligibility to join the UN as a full member Hellas. Instead, 9 countries expressed their opposition IsraelThe AmericaThe Hungary And this Republic of Che.

Detailed Poll Results:

The UN General Assembly resolution “resolves that the State of Palestine … therefore should be admitted to membership” and “recommends that the Security Council reconsider the matter favorably”.

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While the UN General Assembly alone cannot grant full UN membership, Friday’s draft resolution would give the Palestinians some additional rights and privileges from September 2024 — such as a seat among UN members in the assembly hall — but not a vote in the body.

Meanwhile, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, condemned the referendum and called on the UN. It now welcomes a “terrorist state” into its ranks, he said.

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“The United Nations was founded with the intention of confirming such tyranny [των Ναζί] It will never rear its ugly head again,” he said.

“Today, you are going to do the opposite and encourage the establishment of a Palestinian state of terror led by the Hitler of our time.”

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