Eleni Menegaki: A morning walk with her four-legged friend – in casual clothes and flip-flops

Eleni Menegaki posted a photo on Instagram where we see her casually walking with her adorable dog.

Eleni Menegaki is particularly active on Instagram, where she has over 1 million followers. The blonde presenter has a very special bond with them and always responds to comments they leave her. She frequently updates her profile with photos of her daily life, her posts garner countless likes.

As fans of Eleni Menakaki surely know, she loves animals a lot. In fact, some time ago, he talked about the first dog on his show, with particularly moving words.

“When I first met a dog in my life, when I first rented my house and was alone with him, the connection we had, I could not understand in a day or week or month. t I am with him, who else Were with me. Family; friends; he and I were together.”

Recently, Eleni Menegaki welcomed a new member to her family, a beautiful Maltese, girl, in which the blonde presenter already seems to have a big weakness.

A few days ago, he was photographed on the terrace of his house, unpainted and enjoying a relaxing moment with his dog.

Most recently, Eleni Menegaki posted a photo on her profile where we see her casually walking her dog — specifically, she’s wearing olive capri pants, a purple short-sleeved top, and flip flops.

Watch Eleni Menegaki walking her dog:

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