Dice 2-0: Stephanos makes comfortable first for Greece against Canada in United Cup

United Cup

Stefanos Tsitsipas in the United Cup
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Stefanos Tsitsipas took the first step into the quarter-finals of the United Cup against Greece against Canada when he won 2-0 against Steven Dees.

Stefanos Tsitsipas (No. 6) celebrates Greece's first victory over Canada in the United Cup singles. At the same time, the first step is to qualify for the quarter-finals of the tournament.

The Greek tennis player easily defeated Steven Deese (No. 314) 2-0 (6-2, 6-3) in the first match of Greece's meeting with Canada.

It was the 5th win in as many United Cup singles matches for the undefeated Chitsibas (5-0) last year.

The baton will be held by the opposing Sakhari Leela Fernandez A win would send our team into the quarterfinals, where they would face either Germany or Canada again on Friday (5/1).

In the first set, the world No. 6 led in three games to make it 4-1 and with two breaks in total he reached 6-2. Tsitsipas 58% received the first serve, but 80% of those points were won

The second set moved at a similar pace, with the Greek tennis player finishing the job he started 6-2.

We remind you that Greece should win 3-0 to top the group and advance to the quarter-finals. With a 2-1 win, qualification will be decided by percentage of sets between Greece, Canada and Chile. Then they have to do the same with Germany, the second team in Group D. MAny loss will result in our team being out of the tournament.

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Chile is unlucky to get into the group as its percentage of games is already out of the competition as it lags behind Germany.

Ranking Details:

  1. Chile 1-1 (3-3 sets)
  2. Canada 1-0 (2-2 sets)
  3. Greece 0-1 (2-2 sets)

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