Colafos and Sissy Cristido: “It's impossible to do these things openly and publicly”

“There are some red lines, how will it be done now,” Sissy Cristido exclaimed.

Sissy Cristido chose to make a special statement through her TV show on Megaville on Saturday morning. This is due to the unacceptable statements presented by the media this week, without mentioning the name of Nikos Mouradidis.

Therefore, Sissy Christido characteristically noted, “Andreas Mikrotsikos always has the courage to express his opinion. I don't say many things that many people don't say in public. I don't always tell my whole truth, because it might hurt, and it might not be for a public reason. We go out and discuss what we talk and discuss in the office. Can't tell on camera. A lot of times, when that happens, it shocks me.

“The statements that I don't want to mention this week, I've seen them and I'm saying, 'Some things are impossible to do openly and publicly, there's no security.' Let everybody say what they want about everybody.”

“We shouldn't be thinking about what reaction we're going to cause, but what's right, guys. There's some red lines, and now that's how it's going to be done,” Sissy Cristido says in a strong tone on “Smile Again.”

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