A call to the stage and a “civil war” for sceptres.

Lucky night December 7 attack on Rendis, The “team leaders” incited other fans and led them outside the stadium to attack the MAT team, moving towards the stands. “NEA 7 LIOSIA” and “KAMATERO” banners.

A policeman was subsequently killed George Ligeritis, Organized attack by “rain” of Molotov cocktails and naval incendiaries. These moments are recorded Video documentation The game analyzed violence and identified the perpetrators.

The activity of the criminal organization took place mainly Attica, But there have also been cases of crimes committed during Olympiacos matches outside Attica. Bullet and at Janina.

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“Civil War” for profit

The leading gangsters enjoyed power, freedom of movement and financial benefits.

between Economic benefits According to police sources, the members of the organization were present. Canteens running around the grounds asked for 20 or 50 euros.Failure to pay due consideration resulted in damages.

Further They sold the invitations to the matches at a price fixed by themselves, with justification for strengthening their “gate”. They controlled the gates of the stadium as STEWART so that they have the opportunity to park the fans in the stadium at a fee that they set each time depending on the importance of the match.

Also, fan associations involved in the criminal organization sold t-shirts, calendars, stickers and flares, while asking for financial assistance to cover legal costs of fans arrested for fan violence on social networking applications.

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The scepter between the associations and the fan base is the main reason for the outbreak of “civil wars” between fans of the same team. The rest will be forced to her

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“Bacratiodes” claimants wanted to take their “doors”.

A competitive pole demanding the sceptres, and consequently the financial benefits of leadership, are mainly fans from the region Byron And his Bacratio From the regional union, they should be thrown out.

Her case is typical A clash broke out between the two sides on March 3Outside the “Karaiskaki” stadium, a criminal case was registered.

It has emerged since the phone was declassified The reason for the fight was the attempt to overthrow the head of the criminal organizationTo take his “doors,” as opponents commonly called them.

At least 10 people from the group “Bakratiods” took part in the protest, among them members of the criminal organization, who are now against their leader, who are trying to change to take over the government.

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An important role in this group was played by one member who, in the summer of 2023, together with 20 others, tried to impose themselves and forcibly overthrow the leadership of the organization, but they did not succeed because they were beaten. In this “civil war” the case of the last fight outside the “Karaiskaki” stadium also gave a negative result, as the leading team managed to win over its rivals. beating They take advantage of its numerical superiority.

Green with gang features

Members of the “Little People” organization called the fan club May rise up the hierarchy depending on their criminality and loyalty to the leadership team The “adults” as they called her.

Typical is the case of a leading member of an organized “Young Group” while belonging to the “minors” and for this reason having the corresponding identification tattooed on his body.

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