WikiLeaks founder plea deal in exchange for release from prison

“The Julian Assange He is free” and left on Monday United Kingdom And a maximum security prison near London, where he was held for five years WikiLeaks Following the revelation of the 52-year-old’s plea deal.

According to WikiLeaks, the 52-year-old Australian walked out of Belmars prison on Monday morning and was released in the afternoon at Stansted Airport, where he boarded a flight and left the UK.

Earlier, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange reached an agreement with the US Department of Justice, which provides for a criminal plea to the illegal acquisition and disclosure of classified documents related to US military and diplomatic activities. His independence from Britain and the end of its long-standing dispute with Washington.

The final chapter of Julian Assange’s “odyssey” is expected on Wednesday at the Pacific courthouse in Saipan – one of three islands in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, which is in a political alliance with the United States. His sentence will be offset against the time he has been detained in Britain and Julian Assange will be freed to return to his home country of Australia.

“Julian is free!!!” His ecstatic wife Stella Assange said “words cannot express our immense gratitude” to those who rallied “over the years” to achieve his release.

WikiLeaks released a video showing Julian Assange walking freely down an airport runway before boarding a plane.

In a post on the X site (formerly Twitter), WikiLeaks hailed it as the result of a “global campaign” that reached as far as the United Nations. “As he returns to Australia, we thank all those who supported us, fought for us and were fully engaged in the fight for his freedom,” he said: “Julian’s freedom is our freedom.”

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“After more than five years in 2x3m cells, 23 hours a day in isolation, he will soon be reunited with his wife Stella and their two children, who have only known their father behind bars,” Wikileaks underlines.

Source: RES-MPE

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