Where Olympiakos came in, they had to take it

Olympiakos juniors handed the baton to the seniors who got the job done and when the drama returned, the red and white hopes made everyone white again. Written by Manos Naprosidis.

Greek football lives great moments. The league is competitive, and we've got three teams to play in Europe in April, one of which will… win the trophy and another wink in the finals.

In simple words, Olympiakos juniors have done incredible and are finalists in the youth league and the seniors are in the semi-finals of the conference, showing that they are also capable of everything.

It wasn't an accident

To confirm that, let's now focus more on the children of Xailidopoulos.

So, we can call all this a miracle, but in football, things usually go to plan.

Olympiakos was not there by luck. People have done a lot of work in finding players, getting them into the academy, organizing the program, finding chemistry.

Are you tired? As congratulations and thanks go out to more than twenty, think how many other branches there are that don't need to be analyzed at a given moment because the team is in the finals.

It seemed to work

Bad lies, Olympiakos seemed to be building something good in the academies. It is clear that even the most optimists do not believe in a European final, the practical goal of the project is to dominate Greece at the level of football development.

Good players were found and the right professionals were already there to build a team with chemistry between all age groups.

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Let's just say K19 is not a bakery. But it was the amalgamation of separate generations that footballers and staff spoke confidently of a long career in Europe since the game with Inter. They believed that…


Here we are guys

Losing a win in the final against Milan was more than I thought it would be. But do you think these kids will compromise? Never…

The ball kept rolling for the entire 90 minutes and the chase was unprecedented. Reds and Whites make up this team that works with different mindsets in all stages of everyday life.

They want to win, they believe in themselves and they are clearly uncompromising about their luck. Looking up an opponent's shirt, e.g. Bayern, it is important to play a balanced attack. This is what the Red Whites did and deserved the trophy.

No one will blame them if they don't win, but since they spoiled the public, they will drink the blood of Milan and there is now hope that at some point the trophy will come to Greece anew. turned red.

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