US: Supreme Court to consider appeal of death row inmate defended by celebrity

The US Supreme Court He agreed to examine her today Appeal of Death Sentenced PrisonerIt is here and After 25 years on death row, his sentence sparked a solidarity campaign Stretching from the Pope to his stars Hollywood.

The court had already decided in May to stay his execution Richard Glossip60 years, it was originally planned May 18 at Oklahoma (Central America). In an unusual move, the conservative state's attorney general upheld the request for a stay, acknowledging problems with the testimony that contributed to his conviction.

John Mills, one of the defendant's attorneys, expressed his “gratitude,” recalling that his client “maintained his innocence throughout half a century on death row.”

“Glossip was hanged almost 9 times even though the prosecution knew full well that the evidence for his death sentence was false,” he underlined.

Based on the highly controversial testimony of 19-year-old Justin Snead, who confessed to the murder, the 60-year-old ordered the 1997 murder of the owner of a motel he managed.

Supporters of Richard Glossip decry the fact that his conviction was based on the sole testimony of Justin Snead, who pleaded guilty and was able to avoid the death penalty by accusing him of being a moral criminal.

Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond sought to overturn his conviction, however, it was upheld on appeal by the court in April 2023.

A celebrity solidarity campaign has been launched in support of Richard Glossip. Susan Sarandon and Mark Ruffalo or billionaire Richard Branson.

In September 2015, when his execution was considered imminent, Pope Francis' representative in the United States wrote a letter to the governor of Oklahoma asking him to suspend the sentence, which was ultimately done only out of fear of a preparation. A cocktail of lethal injection ingredients is used.

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His story was the subject of a four-part documentary series titled “Killing Richard Glossip.”

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