This is how sports fans can enter stadiums with digital tickets

The Ministries of Digital Governance and Education, Religious Affairs and Sports announced that the digital entry process for stadiums will be operational from Tuesday (09/04). Everything you need to know in detail.

From Tuesday, April 9, digital entry and identification of stadiums will come into effect Wallet, as announcedDigital Governance and Ministries of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports.

Here's what the sports press office reports in detail:

“The digital process for entering the stadiums is in progress – sports fans can recognize their ticket through Wallet from today.

A joint press release of the Ministries of Digital Governance and Education, Religious Affairs and Sports

Starting today, April 9, sports fans can identify their ticket and season ticket with the Wallet application, allowing them to digitally enter the stadium for Super League 1 matches and Hellenic. trophy. With this specific process, the security level at the stadiums is improved as a result of the cooperation of the Minister of Digital Governance, Dimitris Papastergiou, and the Deputy Minister of Sports, Yiannis Vroutzis. At the same time, a significant number of police personnel are relieved of security duties during the Games.

In a simple and friendly way, citizens can identify their ticket through the Wallet application on their mobile phone. Their registration in the National Register of Communications (EMEp.) is a necessary condition Before downloading Wallet app from Google Play or App Store. The process is described in detail

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Fans purchase their match tickets from ticket service providers without any change in the process.


  • They open the Wallet app
  • They select the Ticket tab and the plus (+) in the top right
  • They select “Add Adult Ticket”.
  • They open the mobile camera and scan the ticket's QR code or barcode. Alternatively, they enter the ticket number manually
  • The ticket is added to the relevant list of available tickets

After completing the process, by selecting a ticket in the relevant list of Wallet, citizens will be shown a QR code or barcode entering the stadiums. For minors over 15 years of age, with individual TaxisNet codes and their mobile phone registered at, they will follow the same procedure.

If citizens wish to accompany their minor child below 15 years of age to the match, the ticket addition process takes place after completion of their own ticket addition process.

More specifically, after opening the Wallet app and selecting the Ticket tab:

  • They choose “Add Minor Ticket”.
  • They select the protected member they wish to ticket
  • Enter the minor's ticket code
  • They choose “Me” in “Choose a partner” and the ticket is added to the relevant list of their Wallet.

If a third person wants to accompany a minor child, after entering the minor's ticket code:

  • They choose “Third Person” instead of “I” and enter the VAT number of the adult accompanying the minor.
  • An adult who chooses to accompany a minor receives a notification via e-mail or text message (SMS) on his mobile phone informing him of the request to accompany a minor in the Wallet.
  • In Wallet, an adult accompanying a minor chooses to accept the minor's companion.
  • The minor's ticket will then appear in the adult ticket list
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It is indicated that until the end of the current competition season, i.e. on May 12, 2024, a hybrid entry system will apply to the sports stadiums with a digital ticket in the Wallet and a regular ticket. Fans and sports organizations have the necessary time to adapt to the new process and prepare properly.

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