The superintendent and another employee have been taken into custody

The DOU’s supervisor and another employee were sent to jail in a corruption case at the tax office in Salkita.

They have since apologized and been jailed Principal and another employee of DOU Salgita Those involved in the case of threatening businessmen and accused of being a criminal organization.

Just after 10:30am this Friday (24/5), those arrested walked past the investigator’s door to apologize for the serious charges they face.

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People accused him of participating in a ring

her Criminal organization They are tax officials and private individuals in Salgita. Especially, in between Seven arrests, the 50-year-old principal of Salgita Secondary School, a 52-year-old deputy director, three employees aged 67, 54 and 50, a 56-year-old woman, an administrator and a 62-year-old accountant. The case file includes a tax office employee, four accountants and a private individual.

The Head of Tax Office Described as the “brains” of the criminal organization, It is said that he insisted to the authorities: «Even before I assumed office as Chairman of DOY. Salgita In September 2023, I learned that there were officials who were illegally paid to provide tax “facilities” to companies. When I assumed the leadership position, I was approached by… (mentioned the 67-year-old employee who was arrested) and … (also mentioned the name of the 56-year-old dispatcher who was arrested), the way they had behaved over the years, everyone was satisfied, and to help me with my own needs. Being able to earn extra income forces me to participate as a supervisor in illegal activities.”

Meanwhile, revealing conversations and a notebook, which probably belonged to the head of the DOU, and which contained names, dates and money, testify to the ring’s activity. Members of the ring demanded huge sums of money for tax breaks.

Revealing conversations from members of the circle

A notebook found in the director’s possession reveals that The names of those involved are listed with the amounts listed next to them250 to 11,000 euros and dates from November 4, 2020 to May 2024, a clear indication that their act goes back in time.

From the moment they receive a complaint from one of the victimsInternal Affairs officials kept them under close surveillance while recording their phone conversations, fully exposing their activities and the cynicism with which they ensnared their victims.As evidenced by some of the following dialogues:

operator: Yes, yes, very nice, you are moving, very nice

DOU employee: I brought them to such a state… I brought them to a state where they realized and thanked a thousand times.

operator: and obliged. Well, I said the same thing.

DOU employee: Is that understood?

operator: I say to her, I’m sorry, do you think it was yesterday? I told her yesterday, do you think?

DOU employee: Good, good.

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In another dialogue, their determination is revealed against merchants who they thought would make them more money and could extort them:

Accountant: Well, now the headmistress will be dancing in their pan, don’t worry about her now.

operator: Now, now I want to make them sing.

Accountant: Yes, he says look at me now.

operator: Yes Bravo. I agree with you.

operator: How much does it cost?

Director of DOU: I don’t know much, I told S…. They are waiting, I tell him to take some millions from the region, I tell him how much you earn.

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operator: That’s it.

Director of DOU: As much as comes out, I tell her, there will be leftovers.

operator: So, c@@@@e them, sorry already. C@@@@e them, m@@@@s.

Director See: Okay, yeah, okay. I mean, they wanted, and if you look at why, they wanted to abandon us too, because (unintelligible sentence) nothing crumbled.

operator: I tell you, if you understand they wanted to do the work with everybody.

Director of DOU: Yes.

operator: Well, because they want to get so much money.

Director See: Yes, yes.

operator: from (unintelligible sentence) b……. I say I’ll be very glad when they get into the director’s hands, so that she doesn’t regret anything, c@@@@, so I can fix them well.

Director of DOU: Yes yes. Yeah, okay, yeah, take it easy. Imagine how much they want to give us, how much they want to give to these m@@@@s.

operator: Yes. Let’s see when the paper will go. Yes.

Director DOU: They don’t throw anything at us and the clowns’ health.

operator: Yes yes yes.

Director of DOU: In the health of fools, you will take, and they will continue to take their pennies.

operator: Now look, here’s your chance to increase DOU’s revenue, I don’t know if they’re increasing from this, but f@@@@e them.

They go to a victim’s bank accounts and check the amount they receive to get an idea of ​​how much money they are about to withdraw.

Accountant: G…. was to come. Let’s call X… He didn’t come. So…

Director See: X….. now has 75,000 euros in the bank. We opened accounts.

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Accountant: How much does he have?

Director See: 75.

Accountant: Oh, he has pennies.

Director of DOU: He has pennies.

Accountant: Where to get 600 more?

Director DOU: Yes, it is.

Accountant: Should we take the case?

Director See: I don’t know, that’s why I’m still holding onto you.

Accountant: I am now re-examining it.

Director of DOU: 75 for him, 75 doesn’t matter he gets thirty.

Accountant: what to say. I told him to call and… I can’t get a job without seeing the guy.

Director of DOU: But so be it. Did you talk to him?

Accountant: No, I don’t have a phone. D told me…..she will bring me the phone. I will talk tomorrow.

Director of DOU: Speak tomorrow, we will scare him.

In another conversation, the luxurious lifestyle of the deputy director of DOU is recorded, he made expensive purchases and expensive trips, he did not live up to the salary of a civil servant, and in fact both the “brain” and other members of the circle began to fear that he would be perceived by their own blatant waste:

Director of DOU: What is sweet? Assistant Director, you didn’t tell me what his job was in Chicago?

DOU employee: Went to Chicago?

Principal of DOU: Yes:

DOU Staff: Check them out too

Director of DOU: Yes

DOU employee: You can see them too

Principal of DOU: He moved to a hotel where he earns 500 euros a day.

DOU employee: Oh, you want to give him a lot too? Give him a thousand and count “thousand”. If you give me more I will strangle you.

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