The cancer is not in the prostate, it has just been diagnosed and the prognosis is good

Less than a year into Great Britain's throne, at age 75, King Charles III is officially a cancer patient. The announcement of his illness was made on the evening of February 5, 2024 with a mixture of pomp and secrecy. Britain could have achieved. For on the one hand there was the direct and direct promotion of disease, for which the publicists of the royal house commended themselves. Charles' intention, by his own example, to encourage his comrades to take care of their health, without complexes and prejudices, was particularly highlighted.

But at the same time, no one knows the slightest detail about the type of cancer, the stage of the cancer, the life expectancy – of course, it is given that it is a curable form of cancer. Very carefully, and very carefully, the information given to the media was that Charles' cancer was unrelated to his recent hospitalization and surgery for prostate hyperplasia. Raja will not be admitted to the clinic for further chemotherapy, but will undergo a prescribed program as an outpatient. At the same time, the first glimmers of hope began to appear Daily Mail “The condition is diagnosed early and the prognosis is good,” he said. According to the report, Karolos is very optimistic and believes that everything will be fine with his health. In fact, he has surprised his own people with his willingness to continue working “as if nothing happened”. It is said that early detection of cancer and good prognosis give it such power.

Naturally, the news of the King's serious illness shocked Britain. However, Charles remains silent, particularly angered by the self-evident restriction on his movements and the fulfillment of his duties as head of the British state (and church). However, as per the first reports, the King meets the Prime Minister of the country once a week. Rishi Sunak For an established interpretation of the king.

Buckingham Palace says King Charles is suffering from cancer  BBC News

If the king is unable to perform his duties and especially appear in public, the protocol provides for his representation. Queen Camilla Or his eldest son William, Prince of Wales. But he is, by satanic coincidence, called upon to balance caring for his wife. Kate Middleton, which – at least it is assumed – is recovering from a serious operation in the abdomen, and on the other hand must stand by his father's side. Undoubtedly, the coincidence of the two illnesses of Charles and Kate made 2024 “Annus Horribilis”, a year of horror and evil for Britain's royal family.

As for the second son of Charles, the “rebel” Prince Harry, it has already been announced that he will leave America for his homeland, where he will live permanently with Meghan Markle and their two children. Out of favor with Harry, he abandoned his princely duties and his ties to his family and the royal family were effectively severed. Except Harry will be heir apparent to his grandmother Queen Elizabeth at his father's coronation in May 2023. Harry's immediate return to Britain is again expected to be short and he will once again make the transatlantic journey alone. Meghan will stay in California to look after her two children with the Prince of Sussex.

Prince Harry faces 'opportunity' to heal royal rift after King's cancer diagnosis

As for the timeline of events, Buckingham Palace announced on January 17 that King Charles will be hospitalized in the coming days for surgery on his enlarged prostate gland. On January 26, the operation was successfully performed. Raja was discharged on 29/1 but with a recommendation to avoid Kamado until he is fully recovered. On February 4, Charles was seen going out for the first time, confirming that his health had recovered. But this was temporary, and the next day, on 5/2, cancer was announced.

It goes without saying that King Charles' illness is attracting worldwide attention, as well as wishes for a full and speedy recovery from leading figures in international politics. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metzola, the Prime Ministers of Australia and Canada, among others.

In particular, US President Joe Biden, as a man who suffered the effects of cancer very painfully, congratulated Charles from the bottom of his heart as he lost his son Bo in 2018 at the age of 46. “Jill” says the characteristic [σσ: Μπάιντεν, η Πρώτη Κυρία των ΗΠΑ] We join our voices with the British people and send prayers for His Majesty's painless and complete recovery.”

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