Messolonghi: Messages deleted by the butcher have been recovered

Messages deleted by a butcher who was initially considered a suspect in the disappearance of Babis Koutsikos in Mesolonghi have been recovered by police and are now expected to provide more information about the case. .

According to the star, these messages include: Conversations on Ancient Objects And how to make them available for sale!

About 20 days ago, when the accused butcher's bank was declassified, some suspicious transactions with disproportionate amounts were found. A police investigation began after indications of an antiquities theft ring operating in the Mesolonghi area.

Data from the butcher's cellphone appears to confirm these symptoms.

The police tracked them down with the help of technology, and now they're trying to piece the puzzle together, and one piece…

According to the Star report, among the messages the police were able to recover were conversations with the six accused, with whom he spoke about illegal excavations, illegal finds and ways to sell antiquities.

These men, as expected, will be called to testify about Messalongi's highly acclaimed case, along with the murder of Babis Koutsikos. In this case, it is assumed that their mobile phones will be confiscated for further investigations.

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