The 39-year-old German, who attacked fans and police with an ax and Molotov cocktails, has psychological problems.

He, who has a history of schizophrenia, was arrested in Hamburg on Sunday (16.06.2024), according to Bild newspaper. A 39-year-old man from Nordheide, Lower Saxony, armed with an ax and a Molotov cocktail, threatened police officers guarding a crowd of Euro 2024 fans.

The incident took place near the Reeberbahn station, about a kilometer away from the zone» was created Euro 2024 Held in Germany.

They held a peaceful rally in the area About 40,000 DutchAhead of their team’s match against Poland.

When the procession broke up, a man came out of the bar. Holding an ax and moloto He continued threatening the police officers who were guarding the crowd of fans.

The police used pepper spray to tell him to put down what he was holding and when he refused, They shot into the sky.

It appears that the attacker placed the device on the ground and tried to detonate the explosives. At this point, according to eyewitnesses, shots were heard and later it became known, The man remained motionlessDue to leg injury.

«He is hospitalized in critical condition“, a police representative clarified and emphasized that the episode was not related to football.

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