Isthmus: EL.AS is looking for two drivers who allegedly saw the tanker explode and crash.

Police are seeking information on the circumstances of the tanker overturned and caught fire on the Athens-Corinth highway on the Isthmus on 6/7 evening.

The investigation so far revealed that a car and a motorcycle were near the tanker when the accident took place. Police are appealing for both drivers to contact each other and provide relevant information.

Notification Details in this regard:

“In the context of the investigation into the causes of the traffic accident caused by the overturning and ignition of a liquid fuel tanker, on Friday 7/6/2024 at around 9:20 p.m., at the exit of the 75,500 NEO Athens-Corinth, Loutraki junction, traffic flow towards Corinth, part of Loutraki Municipality, 22960-33028 & Contact the 1st Transport Department of PATHE Attica on 22960-33026 and the drivers of both vehicles:

A. The two-wheeler motorcycle was dark in colour, probably of large displacement, the driver of which was wearing a white safety helmet and passed the above point shortly before the traffic accident took place.

B. IXE The car, light colored, its driver activated the vehicle’s emergency lights (light warning system – “alarm”) and stopped at the right end of the road at the Loutraki junction exit level, traffic flow towards Corinth” .

What is driver testimony?

According to reports, the tanker driver, who was slightly injured, said in his statement that something stepped on the vehicle causing the tire to burst and he lost control of the heavy vehicle.

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